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World Smart Energy Week 2018

Type 4 Hydrogen Tank for FCV


Hydrogen storage for Hydrogen Station

Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Yachiyo Styling Parts for Honda S660

-Exterior Styling Parts: Rear light panel cover and Roll bar cover. Interior Styling Parts: Door lining cover, Center panel cover, Meter visor cover, and among others. -Only sold on Yachiyo's website.

Large opening panoramic sunroof

History of fuel tank

Hydrogen storage

Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Honda "S660"customize

-Ultra light engine hood made of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) -42% lighter than Original Equipment part.

Parison Cut Sheet Forming (POSF) fuel tank system

-Pass the HC (hydrocarbon) transparent regulation with SHEET molding technology by making valves, buffles and tubes at the time of tank molding.

CNG tank

-Under development

Outer panorama roof system

-The sun roof covers from front seat to rear seat. -Glass opening: about 270mm. Panorama part looking from car cabin: about 800mm -Glass and shade are controlled in conjunction by using motor to motor communication. Installed vehicle: GAC Honda "Cross tour SUV"

Tokyo Motor Show 2013

Front open roof system

Built-in fuel tank system

Interior decorative technology