OEM Plants Interactive Map - Japan

When you click a plant name on the map, you can get detailed information on its facilities.

Manufacturers List


HQ of Japan Plants in Japan      
Nissan Yokohama Plant Oppama Plant Tochigi Plant Iwaki Plant
  Zama Operations Center      
Nissan Kyusyu Kyusyu Plant      
Nissan Syatai Shonan Plant      
Nissan Syatai Kyusyu Kyusyu Plant      
Auto Works Kyoto Kyoto Plant      
Autech Japan Chigasaki Plant      


HQ of Japan Plants in Japan      
Isuzu Fujisawa Plant Tochigi Plant    
Isuzu Engine Manufacturing Hokkaido Plant      
J-Bus (HQ) Komatsu Plant Utsunomiya Plant  


HQ of Japan Plants in Japan      
Mitsubishi Fuso Kawasaki Plant Nakatsu Plant    
Mitsubishi Fuso Bus Toyama Plant