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Aalberts Surface Treatment Kft. (Formerly Impreglon Ungarn Kft.) Buzavirag ut 16, 2800 Tatabanya, Hungary image
ABF Bowdentechnika Kft. Rakoczi u. 127. Dunakeszi, 2120, Hungary image
A/C Kft. Budapest, Nándorfejérvári út 29-31. fesz.5., 1119, Hungary image
ACPS Automotive Kft. 6000 Kecskemét, Kadafalva-Heliport, Hrsz 11751/43, Hungary image
ACPS Automotive Technik Flex Kft. Nefelejcs utca. 4, 2700 Cegléd, Hungary image
Adient - Mezolak Petofi S street 92/A, Mezolak 8514, Hungary image
Adient Mezőlak Kft. - Kecskemet 6000 Kecskemét, Mercedes út 1, 6000 Hungary image
Adient - Mor Hammerstein u. 2., POB 73. Mor, 8060, Hungary image
AD Plastik Tisza Kft. (Formerly Tisza Automotive Ltd.) TVK Ipartelep 2117/12 hrsz., 3580 Tiszaujvaros, Hungary image
Adval Tech (Hungary) Kft. Bern u. 34, 7100 Szekszárd, Hungary image
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Jun 21, 2024

On June 18, Audi Hungaria and Smart Solar Kft. signed an agreement to expand the solar park at Audi's Győr facility. Previously, Audi installed 160,000 square meters of photovoltaic panels on its logistics center's roof. The new expansion will add solar panels to 85,000 square meters of the vehicle assembly hall's roof and 75,000 square meters of adjacent green space.

Under the new agreement, Smart Solar Kft. will supply renewable energy to the Győr site for the next 25 years with an additional 18 megawatt solar plant. Using dual-sided active panels with solar tracking technology, the system can generate nearly 30% more energy than traditional setups.

Based on Audi Hungaria press release

Jun 19, 2024

On June 7, Hungarian bus manufacturer Kravtex-Kühne Group started its passenger testing of a 12-meter model of its first 100% electric bus, Credobus Electronell, in Győr, Hungary. The 18-meter articulated version of the electric bus will be presented in H2 2024. 

The vehicle is equipped with BorgWarner (Akasol) 3rd generation, liquid-cooled NMC batteries, with a total capacity of 294 kWh. The batteries can be charged in up to 2 hours with a power of 150 kW. The vehicle comes with a Voith VEDS HD (Heavy Duty) central motor drive system, that produces a peak power of 410 kW. 

The vehicle also comes with a heat pump thermomanagement system from Eberspächer, the electrohydraulic servo pump by DANA, an electrically driven compressor by Knorr-Bremse, and driver assistance systems by ZF brand.

The 12-meter vehicle is the lightest EV bus with a curb weight of only 11 tons. The weight advantage reduces the battery requirement of the bus by 25%, enabling the bus to achieve the targeted range of 300 km with 3 battery packs instead of 4. It also reduces energy consumption, and other cost factors, from production to recycling.

Additionally, the start of e-bus production will help save about 500 jobs in Hungary and secure orders for 100 local suppliers.

Based on CredoBus press release

Jun 13, 2024

On June 12, Magyar Suzuki Zrt announced that from July 7, 2024, the European Union will make the installation of more and more driver support systems mandatory, and it will also affect the production of Hungarian Suzuki. 

It started sales of Vitarás sale from May with the new equipment required by the legislation, and it will start sales S-CROSS with this system in June 2024.

It will also upgrade Across and Swace models. 

The multi-billion HUF development of the Esztergom factory will continue in 2024 as well. Investments will be focused on technology and equipment development, automation, and decarbonization in the bumper, painting, and welding plants.

Based on Magyar Suzuki Zrt press release