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Apr 01, 2023

On March 30, Tesla was reported to be in talks with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. (CATL) regarding plans to build a battery factory in the U.S., according to sources familiar with the matter.
The two companies are considering Texas as a possible building site, but the location has not yet been finalized.
Tesla’s senior global director of public policy, Rohan Patel, has been discussing CATL-related plans with the White House in recent days, seeking clarity on the Inflation Reduction Act rules, according to the people.
One specific rule that has been the object of intense lobbying is 30D, which is designed to withhold consumer tax credits for EVs made with a certain amount of China-linked materials in their batteries.
Tesla wants to pursue a deal similar to the lithium iron phosphate battery deal Ford announced for Marshall, Michigan in February, whereby Tesla will own and operate the plant, with licensed technology from CATL.

(Detroit News article on March 30, 2023)

Mar 31, 2023

On March 30, TUV Rheinland Greater China held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony with smart Automobile.  TUV Rheinland will work with smart to develop environment-friendly evaluation standards, methods, and practices for product life cycle evaluation and carbon footprint calculation, product classification rules and carbon emission data sets for automotive vehicles and components such as power batteries, and evaluation standards for green and zero-carbon manufacturing in the automotive industry, as well as an evaluation index scheme for a green and sustainable supply chain according to the current status of production and operation in the automotive industry.

Based on TUV Rheinland Greater China press release

Mar 31, 2023

On March 29, Leapmotor announced that it started delivering the extended-range version of the C11, which is positioned as a mid-to-large-size battery electric SUV.
The vehicle has a wheelbase of 2,930mm, the longest electric mode range of 285km under the CLTC standard, and a maximum combined range of 1,024km under the CLTC standard, and is equipped with a 14,932-square-centimeter panoramic sunroof, an immersive 3-in-1 display screen, the Leapmotor Pilot intelligent driving assistance system, etc., supporting 23 intelligent assisted driving features. It features a luxury car-grade independent suspension that balances both driving and riding comfort and handling.
From a Leapmotor press release