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May 25, 2024

Tesla has begun cutting  production of the Model Y at its Gigafactory Shanghai since March, according to industry data and sources that report the company is planning to reduce output of the electric SUV by at least 20% from March to June.

The reported move is said to address the weakening demand for Tesla's aged model in China, its second largest market. 

China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) data showed the Model Y output in China stood at 49,498 units in March and 36,610 in April, representing a 17.7% and 33% decline, respectively, compared to a year ago.

A majority of the cars produced at Gigafactory Shanghai are sold in China, where a price war has emerged among EV makers.

(multiple sources on May 24, 2024)

May 25, 2024

On May 23, Tesla officially started construction of its highly anticipated Shanghai Megafactory, the company’s first dedicated energy storage facility outside the U.S.

The Shanghai Megafactory, which will produce Megapack batteries, is situated in the Lingang area, close to Gigafactory Shanghai. 

The new plant is set to cost around CNY 1.45 billion (USD 203.9 million) and will span an area of 200,000 square meters.

Tesla senior vice president Tom Zhu said that the Shanghai Megafactory is expected to start its production of Megapack batteries in the first quarter of 2025.

The Shanghai Megafactory is expected to have an annual capacity of 10,000 Megapack batteries, equal to about 40 GWh worth of energy storage, enough to power 50,000 Shanghai homes for a year. 

Designed for grid use, each Megapack battery has a storage capacity of 3.9 MWh, enough to power 3,600 homes for an hour. 

(multiple sources on May 23, 2024)

May 24, 2024

On May 23, MarkLines announced that global electric vehicles (including BEV, PHV and FCV) sales in April increased 27.2% YoY to 1.026 million units.

In the first four months of 2024, total EV sales increased 24.3% YoY to 3.706 million units.

EVs accounted for 21.0% of total sales in April up 1.3% point from the previous month.

In April, China leads the BEV sales with 706 thousand units, followed by the United States with 127 thousand units and Germany with 45 thousand units.

In terms of market share, Norway leads the way with 69.7%, Sweden second with 50.2%, and China third with 44.4%. Finland and UK followed with 40.8% and 21.5% respectively.

Based on MarkLines report