New Vehicle classification in China

The new standards have been introduced in China since the year 2005. The vehicle classification under the new standards is as follows:

1. Vehicles included in Cars: "Basic cars" (Including MPVs and SUVs) and "Mini cars"
-"Basic cars" correspond to the Cars under the former classification and the "Semi-cars" formerly classified as 'Light Buses'.
-"Mini cars"(=Mini van) correspond to the 'Mini Buses' under the former classification.

2. Vehicles included in Commercial Cars:
-Chassis formerly included in the Commercial vehicles are separately classified as "Unfinished Trucks/Buses" under the new standards.

-Trucks: Defined by Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)
1) Mini Trucks: GVW is 1.8 tons or less.
2) Light Trucks: GVW is from over 1.8 tons to not over 6 tons.
3) Medium Trucks: GVW is from over 6 tons to not over 14 tons.
4) Heavy Trucks: GVW is over 14 tons.

-Buses: Defined by overall length (L)
1) Small Buses: L is from over 3.5m and not over 7m.
2) Medium Buses: L is from over 7m to not over 10m
3) Large Buses: L is over 10m