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Nov 29, 2023

On November 23, If Technology, a Great Wall Motor subsidiary, Great Wall Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., and Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Group) signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

According to the agreement, the three parties will focus on technology breakthroughs and product manufacturing in areas such as battery electric, hydrogen, and dedicated hybrid powertrains for commercial vehicles to jointly provide users in the logistics and engineering machinery industries with product solutions and services. They will jointly promote the upgrading of New Energy commercial vehicles (NECVs) and accelerate the replacement of conventional ICE heavy trucks.

From an If Technology press release

Nov 24, 2023

On November 21, Great Wall Motor (GWM) introduced GWM WEY 03 to the European market. The vehicle, formerly known as the WEY COFFEE 02, will officially debut in Rome. 

The C-segment vehicle is 4.7 meters long and has a 2.745-meter wheelbase and 1.73-meter height. 

The GWM WEY 03 features a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The hybrid system incorporates high-performance lithium-ion batteries from SVOLT. The battery's storage capacity is 34 kWh, resulting in an electric range of 136 km. 

The European variant features a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with 204 hp coupled with a nine-speed transmission. The system output of the plug-in hybrid drive with AWD is 442 hp, and the maximum torque is 685 Nm. The starting price in Europe will be from EUR 45,000 to 50,000.

Based on Great Wall Motor Europe press release

Nov 22, 2023

On November 21, GWM Europe announced that will be adopting its “ONE GWM” strategy, transforming the former WEY and ORA brands into product lines within the single master brand GWM from 2024.

With its new strategy, GWM aims to maximize its brand strength and optimize its European market entry approach, which will help in increasing its visibility and allowing its partners to apply an efficient commercial approach from distribution down to dealer lever. As part of its new brand strategy, GWM has implemented a reworked numerical naming system, which will represent the vehicle’s size, making it easier for customers to distinguish between products.

According to the new strategy, the name of ORA Funky Cat will be changed to GWM ORA 03 while WEY Coffee 01 will become GWM WEY 05. In 2024, GWM intends to introduce the new GWM WEY 03 (Old name: WEY Coffee 02) and GWM ORA 07 (ORA Lightning Cat) to the European market, followed by at least one more model in 2025. 

GWM Europe is addressing the “Aspiring Middle Class,” a tech-savvy and quality-focused target group seeking optimal value while not compromising on safety. Its members are curious about e-mobility yet wary of its drawbacks, and open to new brands.

In addition to its current established networks, structures, and partnerships in Germany, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, and Israel, GWM further aims to increase its presence by entering additional countries like Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Iceland, and Bulgaria in 2024.

Based on GWM Europe press release