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Automotive Fund Co., Ltd.

Company name Automotive Fund Co., Ltd. (established April 1st, 2020)
Head office Sanno Park Tower 14F, 2-11-1 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Amount of capital 50 million JPY (wholly owned by MarkLines Co., Ltd.)
Directors Makoto  Sakai,  Chairman of the Board and CEO
Aya Miyake, President and COO

Automotive Fund Co., Ltd.
Chairman of the Board
Makoto Sakai
MarkLines Co., Ltd.
Founder, President and
Representative Director
1954 Born in Saga Prefecture
1977 Graduated from the Department of Economics at Kyushu University.
Joined Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. in the same year, mainly engaged in procurement of car body parts and cost reduction in the Purchasing Department.
Engaged in business operations and management guidance for an affiliated parts manufacturer.
1988 Studied at the University of Illinois Graduate School of Management
1991 Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd. an independent venture capital firm, where he was involved in supporting the overseas expansion of Japanese companies, business alliances and investment-related matters as the head of consulting, head of examination and general manager of portfolio companies.
1999 Commercial Director, Energy & Engine Control Systems Division, Delphi Automotive Systems Japan Co., Ltd.
2000 As president of NetRiders Daytona Co., Ltd. he founded the motorcycle portal site business.
2001 Founder and President of MarkLines Co., Ltd.
The company was listed on JASDAQ in 2014 and on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2018.
2020 Chairman of the Board, Automotive Fund Co., Ltd.

President and Representative Director
Aya Miyake
She started her career as an independent VC, then moved to the Osaka Securities Exchange, where she was involved in supporting the growth of small, medium-sized, and venture companies through their IPOs in positions such as Executive Officer of the Osaka Securities Exchange and General Manager of the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Listing Promotion Department.
1991 Graduated from Gakushuin University and joined Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd.
Served as a founding member of a domestic venture investment team. As GM of the Investment Planning Team, she managed the Investment Committee of the company's domestic investments (including prospective candidates), stock price evaluation, capital policy planning, investment execution, listing support, and other policy formulation and overall management.
2002 After transferring to the Jasdaq Securities Exchange, she was appointed Executive Officer of the Osaka Securities Exchange in 2012 (the first female executive officer of a professional employee of a Japanese stock exchange), and in 2013 she was appointed General Manager of the Listing Promotion Department of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. She has been consistently involved in supporting the growth of venture companies through listing.
2018 Engaged in core business operations and IPO-related operations at a securities company.
2020 Appointed President and CEO of Automotive Fund Co., Ltd.

Managing Director
Kenichi Igarashi
He joined Nippon Godo Finance (now Jafco Group) in April 1992.
Since then, he has been consistently active at the forefront of venture investment as a venture capitalist.
He has experienced a variety of investments ranging from early, middle and late stages to MBOs.He has covered many areas including IT, manufacturers, new services, finance, and real estate.
He has a wealth of experience in post-investment follow-up, including restructuring of underperforming companies, cash management support, sales support, and human resource recruitment support.
Major IPOs include Jigen, Anicom Holdings, Fixed Stars, and Yamashin Filter.

Shotaro Kawasaki
He joined Jafco Group in April 1992 and invested companies in semiconductor, LCD and Li-Ion battery industries.
He entered Nissan Motor in 2004 and experienced Manufacturing, global headquarter, sports car planning, purchasing in Thailand and cost planning divisions and visited over 200 related suppliers’ plant for cost reduction.
He joined Automotive Fund in 2021, with the viewpoints of financing, manufacturing and improvement.
Major IPOs include Monex(Onlinet securities) and North(Semiconductor Pkg.)

Sota Yamaguchi
Joined MarkLines Co., Ltd. 2019 as a first year new graduate hire. Engaged in corporate client sales for the main business "Information Platform".
In his second year with the company, he recorded the highest single-month sales result in the company's history by focusing mainly on China and Southeast Asia in new business development and developing his own targets.
From April 2021, he has been an associate at Automotive Fund Co., Ltd.