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April 17, 2017

Announcing new measures to strengthen vehicle teardown analysis capabilities

MarkLines Co., Ltd.

MarkLines Co. Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, President and CEO: Makoto Sakai, will enact the following measures starting today in order to strengthen its vehicle teardown analysis capabilities.

When developing new vehicles, OEMs purchase competing models or vehicles with peculiar characteristics to benchmark their performance, structure, cost, and other areas. Reverse engineering (teardown analysis) is carried out by OEMs and parts suppliers for each of the roughly 50,000 components that form a vehicle.
With the full fledged expansion of electric vehicles like EVs and PHVs and technological changes that include growing adoption of electronic controls and CFRP, teardown analysis is steadily increasing in importance and the scope of its application. MarkLines will strengthen relevant businesses to meet those needs.

2.Specific measures
(1)Establishment of a new teardown analysis menu
A “Benchmarking/Teardown” link has been added to the side menu of the Information Platform main page, and efforts are underway to improve reports on vehicle teardowns.
In addition to content focusing on areas like engines, chassis, and interiors, teardown reports about ECUs will also be released.

(2)Sale of data and detailed reports
Separate from the research reports noted above, MarkLines will offer more detailed data for sale. MarkLines will purchase this data from companies operating teardown analysis businesses in various fields in Japan and overseas and sell it to Infromation Platform members on the company website.

(3)Component Procurement Agent Services
MarkLines will procure components on which benchmarking is to be performed (motors, lamps, ECUs, etc.) according to requests from clients such as parts suppliers.

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