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autonomous driving,
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the Information Platform

Information about the global automotive industry can be gathered simply with just one ID with our unique service.

With this service, you can gather not only events of the day and market information of the automobile industry, but also changes brought about by electrification as well as development and production technologies.
MarkLines provides the latest automotive production and sales volume figures from around the world, as well as model change forecasts, supply chain, component suppliers information, EV / autonomous driving, market technology reports, benchmarking / teardown surveys, news, and more.

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Introduction of services

Automobile production figures, sales volumes

"I want to know the most recent market trends due to changing market conditions."


Monthly reporting is provided on vehicle sales in 62 countries, production in 43 countries, and sales of electrically powered vehicles.

  • Covers more than 90% of the world.
  • Search by country, model, and powertrain.
  • Download the search results volume information and use it to visualize the market.

More than 5,000 companies worldwide
are using the Information Platform.

Approximately 5,000 companies across a wide variety of industries, from complete vehicle manufacturers and components suppliers to trading companies, research institutes, and IT and software manufacturers that support CASE technologies have adopted it.

Contracting companies
More than5,000companies
Number of users
More than 400,000
Total annual page views
More than100million
Supplier Information
70,000suppliers worldwide
250 reports per year
10,000 items per year

Use the Information Platform for
customer and competitor surveys, technology and market trends.

The Information Platform is an all-in-one package that provides you with the volume information, market share information, and various other information that you need in your daily business operations.