The Marmon Group, LLC

Company Profile



181 West Madison Street, 26th Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60602-4510 USA

Business Overview

-The Group comprises four companies consisting of 15 sectors and about 175 independent manufacturing and service businesses. The sectors producing automotive related products are Highway Technologies, Electrical & Plumbing Distribution Products, and Engineered Wire & Cable.


-Berkshire Hathaway Inc. owns substantially all of the Company's outstanding common stock.


Fifth wheel coupling devices
Truck modifications
Wheel end products
Suspension systems
Transfer cases for all-wheel drive conversions
Clutches for the light vehicle and heavy-duty vehicle
Drawn aluminum tubing
Extruded aluminum shapes
Brake parts


1953 The Marmon Group began when brothers Jay and Robert Pritzker acquired The Colson Corporation.
1964 The Marmon Group name was adopted after the acquisition of the Marmon-Herrington Company, successor to the Marmon Motor Car Company.
1976 Acquired Cerro Corporation to add businesses including automotive equipment, metal products and materials, electrical and electronic wire and cable and more.
1981 Acquired Trans Union Corporation to add businesses that manufacture and lease railroad tank cars and other products.
1980s - 90s The Group companies expanded via internal investment and multiple smaller acquisitions where member businesses already had a presence.
2008 Berkshire Hathaway Inc. acquired majority interest in the Group.
2014 Marmon's diversified operations are reorganized into Berkshire's two business groups: Manufacturing group and Finance and financial products group.

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