Teksid S.p.A.

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Via Umberto II, 5 - 10022 Carmagnola, Turin, Italy

Business Overview

-The world's largest producer of gray and nodular iron castings and also a global leader in production technologies for aluminum cylinder heads and engine components.


FCA reaches agreement to sell Teksid cast iron components business to Tupy

-On December 20, FCA announced that it has entered into an agreement with Tupy S.A. for the sale of FCA’s global cast iron automotive components business, which is operated through FCA’s subsidiary Teksid S.p.A. (“Teksid”). The proposed sale includes Teksid’s cast iron production facilities in Brazil, Mexico, Poland and Portugal, in addition to Teksid’s interest in a joint venture in China. Teksid’s aluminium business is not included in the transaction and will remain a strategic asset in FCA’s portfolio. The agreement values the business at EUR 210 million enterprise value. Consideration, subject to customary purchase price adjustments will be paid at closing expected in the second half of 2020. The proposed transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including the receipt of antitrust approvals.
(FCA press release on December 20, 2019)


-FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) owns 100% of the Company. 


Iron components
-Grey iron cylinder blocks for light vehicles
-Engine blocks and heads for truck engines
-SiMo exhaust manifolds
-Nodular iron crankshafts
-Steering knuckles
-Suspension arms
-Differential cases
-Disc brakes
-Disc drums
-Wheel hubs
-Engine flywheels
-Bearing caps

Aluminum components
-Cylinder heads
-Cylinder blocks
-Camshaft carriers
-Rear suspension arms
-Intake manifolds


1917 Through its acquisition of Ferriere Piemontesi, formerly Vandel & C., Industrie Metallurgiche Torino and the Ferriera di Buttigliera Alta (Avigliana), Fiat secured the facilities needed to provide itself with iron and steel and metallurgical products.
1960-70's Fiat hived off its operations into independent companies that also opened their doors to non-Fiat customers.
Jan. 1978 The Company was composed of 4 operating divisions entitled Steels, Foundries, Processing and Tools.
1982 Finsider Group took over the manufacturing of special steels and long products, the production and cold rolling of stainless steels and the cold rolling of ordinary steels.
Regrouped in 3 divisions: Iron Foundries, Aluminum Foundries and Steel Components.
2002 Fiat sold the aluminum unit of the Company to U.S.-based Questor Management Company.
Mar. 2007 The disposal of Magnesium Business was finalized.

Dec. 2015

FCA acquired the remaining 15.2% interest in Teksid from Renault.

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