Shanghai Cosmopolitan Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd.

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No.168, Baian Road, Jiading, Shanghai, China

Business Overview

-The Company is engaged in the production and sales of fuel supply products for automobiles and motorcycles, engine pistons, nonferrous die castings, and small power machinery products. The company’s primary domestic customers are SAIC VW, SAIC GM, FAW-VW, SAIC GM Wuling, Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.. 


-Unlisted (As of Dec. 31, 2020)

Shareholders Shareholding ratio (%)
HUAYU Automotive Systems Company Limited (HASCO) 100


Nonferrous die castings
- Magnesium die castings
- Aluminum die castings
- Transmission cases
- Transmission channel plates
- Transmission covers
- Transmission side covers
- Transmission valve bodies
- Cylinder cover assemblies
- Oil pan assemblies
- Engine supports
- Water pump bearing housing
- Steering pump housing

- Pedal brackets
- Dashboard frames
- Steering column brackets
- Seat frames
- Radiator brackets
- Car audio shells

- Servo piston assemblies
- Clutch piston assemblies
- Accumulator assemblies

- Oil pumps assemblies.
- Gasoline pumps
- Water pumps

Piston pins



 1953 Started operations under the name "Shanghai First Automobile Accessory Factory".
July 1992 Established as a joint venture between Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation (SAIC) and Bardsey Group Limited, a subsidiary of Hainan International (Overseas) Invest Co., Ltd. (Total investment : USD 59.90 million, Capital : USD 25.0 million)
June 2003 Shanghai Meridian Magnesium Products Co., Ltd was established as a joint venture with Meridian Lightweight Technologies Inc. of Canada. The Company's share in the investment is 30%. 
2008 Anting new plant opened.

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