Bosch [Robert Bosch Korea Ltd.]

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5, Sinilseo-ro, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, Korea

Business Overview

-The Company was established as a Korean unit of Germany-based Robert Bosch in 1994.

-The Company manufactures and sells diesel injection systems, electronic control systems, brake systems, and application engineering solutions for automobiles.

-In 2009, Korea Bosch Mechanics & Electronics Co., Ltd. adopted a new company name, Robert Bosch Korea Ltd.


(As of Dec. 31, 2014)

Major shareholders Investment ratio (%)
Robert Bosch GmbH and its interested parties 100.0
Total 100.0


Gasoline systems

Engine management systems
-DI-Motronic-Gasoline direct injection systems
-Engine management systems for manifold injection

Fuel supplies
-Fuel rails
-Fuel injectors
-Electric fuel pumps
-In-tank units for fuel supply

ETCs : Electronic Throttle Controls
-Accelerator pedal modules
-Throttle devices
-ETC control units
-Plug-in connections

-Ignition coil modules
-Single spark ignition coils

Module and engine components
-Fuel tank leakage diagnosis modules
-Cylinder head covers
-Electrical EGR positioners
-Oil separators
-Canister purge valves

-Exhaust gas sensors
-Hot-film air-mass sensors
-Knock sensors
-Pressure sensors
-High pressure sensors
-Low pressure sensors

Diesel systems

Diesel injection management systems
-Common rail systems
-Common rails
-Common rail system ECUs
-Diesel injectors
-Distributor-type injection pumps
-Diesel in-line injection pumps
-Diesel injection nozzles
-Unit injector systems
-Unit injection pump systems
-Diesel starting systems
-Diesel low pressure systems

Air management systems
-Throttle valve controls
-EGR positioners
-Electrical EGR positioners
-Plastic intake air control flaps
-Swirl controllers
-Boost pressure actuators
-Hot-Film air-mass Meters : HFMs
-Intake air temperature sensors
-Boost pressure sensors

Exhaust gas management systems
-NOx catalytic converters
-Accumulator-type catalytic converters
-Reduction catalytic converters
-Particulate filter systems
-Particulate filters
-Exhaust Gas Recirculations : EGRs
-Exhaust gas sensors

Electronic Diesel Controls : EDCs

Hybrid systems


-Electronic Stability Programs : ESPs
-Sensotronic (Electrohydraulic) Brake Controls : SBCs
-Foundation brakes and Brake assists

Energy systems

-Belt-driven starter-generators
-Integrated starter-generators
-Electronic Energy Management systems

Body electronics

Engine thermal management components
-Engine fan modules
-Water pumps
-Water valves

Air condition components
-User control panels for heating and air conditioning system
-HVAC blowers
-HVAC blower controllers
-HVAC air flap actuators

Wiper systems
-Windshield wiper drives
-Rear wiper drives
-Wiper arms
-Wiper blades
-Rain sensors

Side doors and roof mechatronics
-Side door mechatronics
-Roof mechatronics

Closure systems
-Engine hood latches
-Side door latches
-Tailgate latches and trunk lid latches

Seat systems
-Seat comfort systems
-Power seat system actuations
-Electric steering actuators

Car multimedia

-Digital radios
-CD changers
-Loud speakers
-In-car videos
-Navigation systems
-GPS modules

Automotive electronics

-ECUs for active safety systems
-Transmission control systems
-Electronics for occupant protection systems
-Surround sensing systems
-ECUs for body electrics
-Oil condition sensors
-Oil level sensors


1994 The Company was established.
1996 The Company established a technical research center.
1998 The Company adopted a new corporate name, Korea Bosch Mechanics & Electronics Co., Ltd.
2009 The Company adopted a new corporate name, Robert Bosch Korea Ltd.

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