Miba AG

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Dr.-Mitterbauer-Str. 3, 4663 Laakirchen, Austria

Business Overview

-The Company is a group that produces powertrain components for a variety of industries, including the automotive industry.

-The Group‘s is organized by region into three divisions: Miba Europe, Miba Americas, and Miba Asia.

-The Company has six major product groups:

  • Sintered components
  • Engine bearings
  • Friction materials
  • Power electronic components
  • Coatings
  • Special machinery      

-The Company was delisted from the Vienna Stock Exchange on November 26, 2015.


Sintered components
Engine components
-Belt pulleys
-Chain sprockets
-Components for hydraulic cam phasers
-Oil pump gears
-Water pump gears
-Main bearing caps

Transmission components
-Synchronizer hubs and rings
-Friction rings
-Dog rings
-Clutch bodies
-Pressure plates
-Shift fingers
-Shift forks
-Fully assembled synchronizer units

Shock absorbers
-Rod guides
-Cylinder ends

Body & Chassis
-Hydraulic system parts
-Oil pump stators and rotors
-Exhaust system parts
-Steering parts
-Brake parts
-Car body parts

Engine bearings 
-Thrust washers
-Sputter coatings

-Con rods
-Valve plates

Friction materials
Frictions and steel discs
-Differential lock clutches
-Limited slip differentials
-Torque converter lock clutches
-Synchronizer rings
-Damping devices
-Powershift transmissions
-PTO clutches
-Single-cone and multi-cone synchronizer units

Clutch buttons
-Main clutches

-Polymer coatings
-Electroplated coatings
-PVD coatings

Power electronic components
-Air-cooled heat sinks


1927 Franz Mitterbauer took over the metalworking shop of his employer, a master craftsman, and expanded it into an automobile workshop.
1935 Franz Mitterbauer started to specialize in engine maintenance and repairs.
1949 The Company started the production of engine bearings.
1955 First exports of bearings; introduction of the "Miba" brand.
1963 The first sintered components were produced.
1975 Started producing friction materials.
1986 Listed on the Vienna stock exchange.
1991 Acquired Tyzack Transmission Components Ltd.
1991 Acquired Miba Handelsgesellschaft mbH-Motor-Center Mitterbauer GmbH.
1991 Acquired an 80% interest in Terrecorp, United States.
Jan. 1992 Constructed Miba Motor-Center Kft. in Budapest, Hungary.
1993 Increased its interest in HydraMechanica Corp., a manufacturer of friction materials in the US, from 50% to 100%, and at the same time disposed of Friction Masters Inc.
1994 Acquired Nuova Merisinter Group, Italy.
Oct. 1998 Acquired a 30% interest in Metal Leve Produtos Sinterizadors Ltda. and started its expansion in South America.
1999 Disposed of Motor-Center Mitterbauer.
Jul. 1999 Acquired Sintermetal S.A., Spain.
Oct. 1999 Opened Miba Training Center, in Laakirchen, Austria.
Jul. 2001 Miba-Bearings of the US, a subsidiary of the Company, Acquired the heavy wall bearing business of Federal-Mogul Corporation.
Oct. 2006 The sinter plant in Napels (Italy) sold to an Italian investor.
2007 Miba Precision Components (China) in Suzhou, China opens
2007 Miba Steeltec, Vráble, Slovakia opens
2008 High Tech Coatings opens a second plant in Vorchdorf
2010 Miba Sinter USA, McConnelsville opens
Acquisition of the british coating specialist Teer Coatings Ltd. in Droitwich, UK
Acquisition of the friction materials business off-highway applications from Hoerbiger and acquisition of a production site in Pune, India
Acquisition of the Styrian specialist for power electronic components EBG and DAU
2011 Acquisition of minority stake in Maxtech Sintered Product Pvt. Ltd. in Pune, India
F. Peter Mitterbauer joins the Miba Board and takes over the responsibility for Miba Friction Group
Formation of Miba’s new business division, New Technologies Group
Dec. 2013 Signed an agreement to increase its interest in Mahle Metal Leve Miba Sinterizados Ltda in Indaiatuba, Brazil, by 10% from 30% to 40%.
Jun. 2017 Increased its interest in Mahle Metal Leve Miba Sinterizados (MMLMS) from the current level of 40% to 100% as of June 30, 2017.

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