DENSO Corporation Kosai Plant (Formerly ASMO Co., Ltd.)

Company Profile



390, Umeda, Kosai City, Shizuoka Pref., 431-0493 Japan

Business Overview

-It is a subsidiary of Denso Corporation.
-The Company is engaged in manufacturing and sales of system products including small motors, such as wiper systems and window systems.
-Product range: wiper washer systems, small automotive motors for use in car bodies, drive systems, and air conditioning.


-Unlisted company (As of Sep. 31, 2017)
Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
Denso Corporation 92.4


-Brushless electric power steering motors
-Electronic throttle valve control motors
-Motors for EGR system
-Motors for electric-variable valve timing
-Variable nozzle turbo motors
-Cooling fan motors
-Electric water pumps

-Front wiper systems
-Front wiper blades
-Front wiper motors
-Rear wiper systems
-Rear Wiper Arm
-Rear wiper motors
-Washer systems
-Washer pumps
-ABS motors
-Electronic Stability Control motors
-Electric Parking Brake motors
-Stepping motors for headlight leveling
-Stepping motors for headlight swivel
-Headlamp Cleaner Pump
-Pressure perception sensors

Convenience & Comfort
-Power window motors
-Power seat motors
-Electric sunroof motors
-Tilt steering column motors
-Telescopic steering column motors
-Electronic variable gear-ratio steering motors
-Blower motors
-Servo motors for air conditioner
-Blower motors for air-purifier
-Door closer motors
-Electric rear sunshade system
-Power slide door motors


1986 Established a subsidiary Asmo Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI) in Michigan, U.S.A.
Increased capital to 4.5 billion yen through new stock issue.
Annual sales topped 100 billion yen.
1987 Awarded a 2nd Class Non-Accident Certificate.
(10,500,000 hr. at the main factory) by the Ministry of Labor.
1988 Established a subsidiary Asmo North Carolina, Inc. (ANC) in North Carolina, U.S.A.
Awarded the Deming Prize-the prestigious award for quality control.
1989 Set up the Technical Center at the head office.
Held the Asmo Idea Festival.
1990 The Toyohashi Plant started operation.
1991 Established a subsidiary Miyazaki Asmo Co., Ltd. in Miyazaki Pref.
1992 Miyazaki Asmo Co., Ltd. started operation.
1993 Established a subsidiary Asmo Detroit, Inc. (ADI) in Michigan, U.S.A.
1994 Established a subsidiary Asmo Greenville of North Caroliina, Inc. (GNC) in North Carolina, U.S.A.
1995 GNC commenced operation
1996 Established Tianjin Asmo Automotive Small Motor Co., Ltd in Tianjin, China
1997 Established a subsidiary PT. Asmo Indonesia (AINE) in the suburbs of Jakarta, Indonesia.
1999 Celebrated the 20th anniversary of the company's founding
Completed the construction of the general experiments center at headquarters.
Oct. 2000 Jointly with its parent company Denso, invested capital in Poongsung Electric Corp., a South Korean company, manufacturing small motors and electrical components (Denso 24%, Asmo 16%)
Major customers of Poonsugn Electric Corp. are Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors.
Poonsugn Electric Corp. is Korea's leading ignition coil manufacturer, with the largest share (56%) of the domestic market.
Nov. 2000 Jointly with Asahi Glass and Toyota, developed high-efficiency water repellent glass for windshield. The glass has been used for Toyota's Mark II.

Feb. 2004

Established Asmo Czech s.r.o. in Zulch, Czech Republic.
Mar. 2005 Turned Tianjin Asmo Automotive Small Motor Co., Ltd. into a consolidated subsidiary.
Jun. 2006 Established Guangzhou Asmo Automotive Small Motor Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, China
May 2011 Established Asmo Hangzhou Xiaoshan Small Motor Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou, China.
Jul. 2013 Established Asmo Myanmar Co., Ltd. in Yangon, Myanmar.
Jun. 2014 Established Asmo Manufacturing de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. in Guanajuato, Mexico.

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