Jinan Worldwide Auto Accessory Co., Ltd.

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No. 1, Worldwide Road, Changqing District, Jinan, Shandong, China

Business Overview

- A member company of Wonder Auto Technology Inc.

- A leading manufacturer of automotive engine valves and valve tappets in China. As of Dec. 2017, the Company has annual capacity of 60 million valves and 10 million valve tappets.

- Its products are sold under the brand names "Shanhe", "Foryou" and "WORLDWIDE".


-Unlisted (As of Jul. 17, 2017)

Shareholders Shareholding Ratio (%)
Yearcity Limited 57.97%
Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. 42.03%


- Engine valves
- Valve Tappets


1956 The Company was established
1984 Introduced valve production technology and equipment from TRW (USA)
1986 Became an affiliate of the China National Automotive Industry Corporation
1990 Purchased a production line to manufacture valves and valve lifters from Ford (US)
2001 Launched a new brand "Foryou" in addition to the existing "Shanhe".
2001 Developed the Toyota 8A valves for Tianjin Toyota Auto Engine Co., Ltd. and won a contract award to supply a manufacturer on an OEM basis.
Sep. 2004 Developed and started mass production of C-type engine valve lifters for Cummins.
June. 2005 The Company was acquired by the investment company Beijing Hongyi Investment Co., Ltd. and adopted its current name.
Mar. 2006 Received the first order of valves from Ford Motor Co.
2008 The Company was acquired by Wonder Auto Technology Inc.

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