Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies

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47690 East Anchor Court Plymouth, MI, 48170, USA

Business Overview

-The Company manufactures elastomeric materials and precision molded products for most major markets, including the automotive, commercial vehicle, construction, chemical and aerospace industries. Its primary products include seals, fluid power products, O-rings, gaskets and boots. It also produces components to support electromobility and fuel cell systems.

-The Company is a joint venture between Freudenberg SE and NOK Corporation. which manages the business operations of the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies business group in North America.


-The Company is a joint venture between Freudenberg SE and NOK Corp. which manages the business operations of the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies business group in North America. Freudenberg SE owns 75% of the Company.


-Absolute encoders
-Advanced connectors with integrated functionality
-Actuator diaphragms
-Battery cell seals
-Battery cooling ports
-Bonded piston seals
-Breathable caps
-Cartridge seals
-Cassette seals
-Cooling connectors
-Cooling cycle tubes
-Curve gaskets
-Damper and steering seals
-Diaphragm accumulators
-DIAvent and DIAvent Light pressure management solutions
-eCON electrically conductive non-wovens
-Edge-bonded gaskets
-Elastomeric gaskets for battery housings
-EMI shielding materials
-Energy Saving Seals (ESS)
-Energy-saving simmerings
-Flexible coolers
-Frame gaskets for pouch cells
-Heat shields
-Housings with integrated seals
-Hydraulic accumulators
-In-cell gap fillers
-Large-scale gaskets
-Leakage absorber mats
-Levitex gas lubricated seals
-Low friction simmerrings
-Multipole encoders
-Offset seals
-Overmolded bus bars
-Overpressure valves
-Plastic carrier gaskets
-Plastic cooling jackets with integrated sealing
-Plug and Seal plug-in connectors
-Plug and Seal connectors with sensors
-Plug seals
-Pop seals
-Port seals
-Pouch cell frames
-Power module cooling seals
-PTFE seals for rotary joints
-Pump housings
-Radial shaft seals
-Recirculation diaphragm
-Seals for electronic modules
-Sealing caps
-Sealing covers
-Sealing disks
-Sealing mats
-Sealing plugs
-Shock absorber seals
-Simmerring radial shaft seals
-Static seals
-3D-formed all-plastic pipes
-Thermally conductive elastomer materials
-Thermoplastic materials
-Thrust washers
-Topographic 3D Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)
-Valve stem seals with back-pressure sealing lips
-VCT seal rings
-Waste gate diaphragm
-Water pump seals and gaskets


1960 Freudenberg of Germany and NOK of Japan joined into a partnership.
Jul. 1989 Established as a joint venture between NOK and Freudenberg in the United States.
May 1998 Acquired Marcrotech/Salastomer of Bensenville, USA, a manufacturer of specialized seals.
Jul. 1998 Acquired International Seal Corp. of Nevada, manufacturer of O-rings.
Sep. 1998 Began building an axle production facility in North field, New Hampshire, USA, next to its existing Tooling Technology Center in North field.
Jul. 1999 Agreed to take a share in MMU Auto-Components Inc., an existing joint-venture between Meiji Rubber & Chemical Co. Ltd. and Mitsubishi Corp., Japan. Company has a 51% stake in the new company, called Flexitech Inc., which supplies brake hose assemblies to the US market.
Aug. 1999 Acquired Detroit Gasket from Indian Head Industries, based in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Jan. 2000 Acquired VERCO Seal Co.
Feb. 2005 Vibracoustic North America, L.P., the vibration control business of the Company, acquired the assets of Gates AirSprings, a division of Gates Corp.
Oct. 2007 Acquired the assets of Precision Industries Corporation of Germantown, Wisconsin, a developer and manufacturer of specialized custom diaphragms.
Jan. 2011 In line with Freudenberg & Co. KG's organizational change, the Company changed its name to Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies.
2011 Combined the activities of the previous Freudenberg Seals and Vibration Control Technology Europe and Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies to form the Company, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies.
Jan. 2011 Renamed from Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership to Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies.
Jun. 2012 The Company sold its precision molded brake parts business to ContiTech Vibration Control GmbH.
Oct. 2012 The Company acquired 50% of the Schneegans Group.

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