Alfmeier Praezision SE

Company Profile



Industriestrasse 5, 91757 Treuchtlingen, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company is an international manufacturer of precision system solutions with valves, actuators, pumps, and controllers. Its core competencies include fluid technology, seat comfort systems, plastic solutions, electronics, industrial solutions, and shape memory alloy (SMA) actuators.

-The Company consists of four business units:

  • Fluid Systems
  • Seating Comfort


-An owner-managed family firm


Fluid Systems
-Fuel products

  • Sender units
  • Actuators
  • Roll over valves
  • Inlet check valves
  • Fill limit vent valves
  • Combo valves
  • Solenoid valves
  • Check valves
  • Pressure control valves
  • Vapor management systems
  • Venturi assemblies
  • Sender unit sub-assemblies

-Engine systems

  • Vacuum check valves
  • Vacuum check valves with vacuum switches

-Servo assistance systems

  • Modular check valves
  • Mechanical switch valves
  • Sensor valves
  • Underpressure reinforcing valves


Seating Comfort
-Static comfort systems (lumbar supports, side bolster adjustment, SMA valves)

  • Lumbar bladders
  • Pneumatic lumbar systems
  • Mechanical lumbar systems
  • Side bolster systems
  • Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) valves and systems

-Dynamic comfort systems (massage system, distributor valves)

  • Massage systems
  • Distributor valves

-Headrests and head restraints (folding and adjustable headrests)

  • Foldable head restraints
  • Retractable head restraints

-Pressure supplies (air compressors for installation in seat or trunk)

  • Air compressors
  • Pneumatic control modules


Innovative Plastics
-Accelerator pedals
-Fuel system flanges
-Fuel system pump components
-Electronic components
-Brake components
-Lighting components
-Window lifting components
-Seating components


1960 Founded as a plastics production company.
1993 Established a plant in Greenville, South Carolina, U.S. to start globalization of its operation.
1997 Changed its legal structure from a limited liability to a stock corporation.
1997 Launched a proprietary pumping system, the Venturi fuel pump, made of injection molded plastic, for plastic fuel tanks in North America.
1997 Founded a new R&D center in Treuchtlingen, Germany.
2001 Established a new assembly plant in Rokycany, Czech Republic. 
2003 Established a customer service center in Seoul, Korea.
2005 Opened a representative office in Shanghai, China.
2008 Acquired Rodinger Kunststofftechnik (RKT), KITE Electronics and k3works.
2010 Formed Alfmeier Friedrichs & Rath LLC, by merging with the North American operations of Friedrichs & Rath, Inc.
2012 AF Eigenkapitalfonds fur deutschen Mittelstand GmbH & Co. KG, as consulted by AFINUM Management GmbH, a Germany-based investment fund, has purchased shares and invested additional capital in the Company.

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>>>Business Report up until FY ended Dec 31, 2014

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