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MarkLines Automotive Information Platform is the most widely used website offering online information on the automotive industry.

You are able to not only gather information on the global automotive industry but also present your company's products, technology, and services and present them to our more than 80,000 members by utilizing this platform.


How MarkLines Information Platform is used by our Corporate Members.

OEMs Many OEMs based in Asia, North America, Europe and other areas use our site.
Parts Suppliers Sales, Overseas, R&D and Purchasing Division at major, medium and small suppliers use our site.
Materials Manufacturers Steel, Aluminum, Plastics and many other materials suppliers make use of our site to expand their business worldwide.
Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers Manufacturing related companies make use of our site to obtain overseas market information.
Logistics Companies Along with growing overseas operations and overseas purchasing activities, logistics companies use our site to acquire transportation and distribution related information.
Solutions Venders CAD / CAM and CAE venders mainly use our site to present their products to our registered members.
Trading Companies Many trading companies use our site to search and collect up-to-date automotive industry information.
Government Offices National and local government organizations use MarkLines to cope with their needs for various up-to-date information.
Research and Monetary Facilities Securities analysts, M&A Agency, Bank Researchers make use of MarkLines information.

Customer Testimonials

A-Company: Mid-size Machinery Manufacturer
In developing our Sales and Marketing strategy, we make full use of MarkLines Parts Supplier Database and their Chinese operation information.
B-Company: Parts Supplier
For management planning we always follow MarkLines who supplies whom, competitors information and overseas market trend.
C-Company: Small Material Supplier
By having uploaded our product information into MarkLines Platform, we received some inquiries from overseas prospective customers and eventually could win a contract.

Our Services

Research Tools

We provide a wide-range of information focused on the automobile and automotive components industry, including information from the standpoint of the business environment faced by suppliers. Our current clients are finding this information to be essential for global business development.

Our Services
Who Supplies WhomGO "Who Supplies whom"
  • We not only conduct research on 300 product classifications in Japan, America, and Europe but also write market reports on some individual components as well.
Special Features
  • MarkLines presents reports on who supplies which parts to whose vehicle models based on our interview findings.
40,000 DatabaseGO "40,000 Database"

Our Supplier Database includes approximately 40,000 auto parts manufacturers in 70 countries worldwide, including those in newly emerging markets.

Number of Suppliers by Country

Special Features

Approximately 10,000 suppliers are covered in the People's Republic of China and 1,500 suppliers are covered in India. The database can be searched by supplier name, part name, location and customer. Parts processing manufacturers can be also searched by processing method such as stamping, machining, etc.
MarkLines has classified all auto parts and processing technologies into 13 categories, which includes more than 900 different types, based on MarkLines' own classifications.

Classification view

Top 500 SuppliersGO "Top 500 Suppliers"
  • We provide detailed and latest reports on approximately more than 500 parts manufacturers worldwide.
  • The supplier coverage by region/country are, about 160 for Japanese, 60 for US, 100 for European, 60 for Chinese, and 50 for Korea.
Special Features

MarkLines presents reports on auto-shows and exhibitions based on information we have gathered on our own. We also provide some information based on interviews.

Supplier NewsGO "Supplier News"
  • Latest news about parts manufacturers included in our Global Top 500 Suppliers is updated daily.
Special Features
  • We provide informative news items of particular interest to our members such as news on global supply agreements, company buy-outs, capital investments, new product R&D activities, etc.
  • Some information, which is only available in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, is now being translated and made available by MarkLines for you to read in English.
OEM PlantsGO "OEM Plants"

When you search for manufacturing facilities, you can search by OEM and by country. You will find not only basic information on facilities such as addresses but also recent, related-news items.

Special Features
  • When you search for manufacturing facilities, a map will display the worldwide locations of manufacturing facilities, making it easy to check on facilities by country..
Statistics on Production & Sales VolumesGO "Statistics on Production & Sales Volumes"
  • Production volume for 42 countries, displayed by country and by OEM. Unit sales for 63 countries, displayed by country and by OEM.
  • We provide Engine Production Volumes by Country, Maker and Type for 31 major countries.
  • Statistics are mainly annual figures, but some monthly statistics are also shown.
Special Features
  • You can conduct searches by OEM and by country.
  • Since search results can be downloaded in MS-Excel format, you can use them to easily make graphs and create meeting handouts.
Market & Technology ReportsGO "Market & Technology Reports"
  • Every month,eight to ten new reports are uploaded. These include reports on OEMs, recent news in geographical regions, the environment, technology, and safety.
Special Features
  • In addition to the usual reports regarding recent developments and news about OEM and country. Industry news, such as EVs and HVs, and topics of particular interest to our readers are also taken up.
  • Graphs and tables provided in the reports can be used as they for presentations and for meeting handouts.
  • From March 2013, ML provides 30 Market Reports annually that incorporate production / forecast data released by LMC Automotive Ltd.
Model PlansGO "Model Plans"

Here is historic information (since 1990) and future forecasts (through 2019) about model changes of vehicles sold in major markets by GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru).

Special Features
  • Information on vehicle model changes in major markets by major OEMs, based on MarkLines' forecasts.
Green VehiclesGO "Green Vehicles"

We have complied information on HVs, PHVs, EVs, and FCVs which is a sector of growing interest to our Members. Future plans and projects involving EVs and EVs worldwide have been compiled in one list. In addition, you can read about the specific details of each of the plans/projects. In the complete list of parts suppliers, we also have a list of parts suppliers working in the eco-car/green-car sector.

Special Features
  • You can see information on HVs, PHVs, EVs, and FCVs worldwide, include those currently under development.
RegulationsGO "Regulations"
  • Worldwide gas emissions and fuel consumptions regulations (data by Ricardo, UK) and the latest trends and amendments on harmonization of vehicle standards at UN regulations and FMVSS (data by JASIC, Japan Automobile Standards Internationalization Center)
Special Features
  • You can see gas emissions and fuel consumption regulations in each country as well as latest trends and updates on UN regulations.
News from around the WorldGO "News from around the World"

Worldwide news about the automotive industry is updated daily. We also provide New Flashes based on articles from the Nikkan Jidosha (Automotive News) Daily

Special Features
  • You can conduct searches by country, date and keywords.
Product & Service Exhibition - Operated by MarkLinesGO "Product & Service Exhibition"
  • The "Product & Services Exhibition - Operated by MarkLines" is an online Exhibition where it is possible to search and view systems solutions such as auto parts, processes, materials, CAD, CAM, and other services; and in addition, to check on future seminars and industry exhibitions.

Marketing Tools

You are able to promote your products and services by sending direct mailings (called PR Mail), and upload information on your products and services on the "Product & Services Exhibition - Operated by MarkLines" for viewing by the more than 1,900 corporate accounts and over 170,000 individual MarkLines Members currently in our client file.

Upload your products and services (Quick & Easy) on the "Product & Services Exhibition- Operated by MarkLines" (Free of Charge)
  • On the Product & Services Exhibition- Operated by MarkLines you can upload the latest information about your automotive-related products and services. This may include production systems such as processing machinery, machinery specs, equipment, and devices; and solutions such as CAD, CAM, and CAE.
  • You can individually select the customers to whom you want to send information by using the filtering function.
  • In addition, your products and services can gain further exposure when you make use of the PR Mail function. (fee-based)
  • The information about production systems and solutions that you exhibit in the Product & Services Exhibition- Operated by MarkLines becomes an essential part of our website contents, so you gain the benefit of being able to promote your information much effectively, which is not possible by the banner ads.
  • Your area able to include a URL in each of the items on the upload page, so you have the benefit of directly linking our readers to your website or individual product-pages.
  • Instead of relying only on your own company's website to attract prospective customers, you have the benefit of gaining further exposure for your products and services by taking advantage of the opportunities found in the Product & Services Exhibition- Sponsored by MarkLines.
PR mail
  • By narrowing your PR Mails to the target audience appropriate for your business area, you can send e-mail messages about your products and services, or about your company's latest news, to latent prospects working in purchasing or design, for example.
  • At the time MarkLines' individual members register to view our website, they are requested to indicate the business sectors that they are interested in receiving information. As a result, you can specify only to individuals who want to receive information about plastics and plastic molding, for example.

How to start using MarkLines


Step 1: Applying for Corporate Membership

You can apply to become a corporate member after you have tried our website on a trial basis for 24 hours free of charge, and after your have agreed to the User Fees and Disclaimer. Please download the application form (below) and FAX to +81-3-5785-1387.


Step 2: Registering as a Corporate Member

MarkLines will send a Corporate ID and password within the next business day. Following the procedures below, you will need to use the Corporate ID and password to register as an Individual Member (User) in order to gain access to our website.

Register New Users

Step 3: Receiving Individual User ID

After you have completed Step 2, you automatically will reveive via e-mail your own Individual User ID and password. Using your Individual User ID and password, login to the computer you will use to view MarkLines website.

Step 4: Using MarkLines Website

After successfully logging onto MarkLines' website, now you will be able to view any contents. Click on the links on our Top Page to view the contents that are of interest to you. After you have logged in for the first time, you will automatically be logged in for future visits, so there is no need to login each time.

Service Fees

MarkLines is free during the calendar month in which you sign up. Take advantage of this offer and sign up early in the month.


Effective from Mar. 1, 2016
CountryCurrencyNumber of Users
UnlimitedUp to 10Up to 4Up to 2
Australia Australian $ 14,700 10,200 7,500 6,000
Austria Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Belgium Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Brazil Real 27,600 19,500 13,800 11,100
Canada Canadian $ 15,300 10,800 7,500 6,000
China * RMB 86,400 63,600 45,000 36,000
Czech Kc 255,600 180,000 127,800 102,300
France Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Germany Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Hungary Forint 2,820,000 1,974,000 1,410,000 1,128,000
India Rupee 600,000 468,000 336,000 268,800
Indonesia Indonesia Rupiah 108,600,000 76,020,000 54,300,000 43,464,000
Italy Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Japan ** Yen 1,200,000 840,000 600,000 480,000
Korea Won 12,600,000 8,820,000 6,300,000 5,040,000
Malaysia Ringgit 39,600 27,600 19,800 15,600
Mexico Peso 183,600 128,400 91,800 75,000
Netherlands Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Norway Kroner 82,200 57,600 41,100 33,000
Philippines Peso 567,000 396,000 283,500 226,800
Poland Zloty 40,200 28,200 20,100 16,200
Portugal Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Singapore Singapore$ 18,300 12,900 9,300 7,200
South Africa Rand 100,800 70,500 50,400 40,200
Spain Euro 10,800 7,500 5,400 4,200
Sweden Krona 100,800 70,500 50,400 40,200
Taiwan NT$ 387,000 272,100 193,500 154,800
Thailand Baht 388,200 273,000 194,100 155,400
Turkey TRY 30,000 21,000 15,000 12,000
UK Pound 8,400 6,000 4,200 3,300
USA US$ 12,600 9,000 6,300 5,100
Vietnam Dong 226,320,000 158,400,000 113,160,000 90,540,000
CountryCurrencyUnlimitedUp to 10Up to 4Up to 2
Number of Users
1.The fees quoted above are applied to each legal entity. Any affiliated companies, subsidiary companies, foreign branches, or foreign representative offices of the subscriber company must sign up separately.
3.Prices may be subject to change without prior notice.
*The service fee for China includes value added tax (VAT) from April 4,2012.
**Consumption tax will be charged to the service fee of Japan.