JSAE 2019 in Yokohama: Exhibitions of Plastic Processing Technologies

The application of engineering plastics for interior and exterior parts, valves, and sensors



  The Automotive Engineering Exposition 2019 Yokohama event was held from May 22 to 24 2019 at the Pacifico Yokohama convention center. Numerous exhibitions of plastic products in support of automotive electrification and weight reduction were on display at the event.

  This article reports on the exhibitions related to plastic molding processing and secondary processing, as well as products that serve as reference for manufacturing. Particularly notable were exhibitions of cooling-related piping components such as pumps and valves, perhaps due to the fact that both internal combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles have seen an increase in the number of components that can reach high temperatures. In addition, this report introduces a number of unique exhibitions from some of the more notable plastics processing manufacturers.

Automotive Engineering Exposition 2019 venue Lightweight plastic components display of
ElringKlinger Marusan Corporation

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Molding processing and secondary processing: ElringKlinger Marusan, Rapiit, Victrex, etc.

ElringKlinger Marusan: Metal and GF Reinforced PP cross car beam

Cross car beam
(Photographs by author, including photographs to follow)

  This cross car beam is made using a single-step process of inserting aluminum into a mold, and then molding with lightweight GF reinforced PP, a processing method dubbed “Hydro-Forming Hybrid” by the manufacturer. While it is a form of bonding, no particular surface treatment of the metal is required.

  The company also displayed components such as engine mounts and chain covers.

  *GF reinforced PP: Long-glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene


Emerson Japan Branson Business Line: HUD using laser welding

An HUD with welded PC and ABS resin

  A head-up display featuring PC and ABS resin welded together using the company’s Simultaneous Through-Transmission Infrared (STTIr) laser welding process was exhibited.

  The company is well-known for its ultrasonic and vibration welders and is contributing to the simplification of automotive assembly processing. At this event, Emerson Japan exhibited many examples of various materials welded together using its technology.

  *PC: Polycarbonate, ABS resin: Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Copolymer Resin


Rapiit: Seat frames via GMT press-molding

Seat frame

  The company displayed a seat frame made from press-molded GMT (glass mat reinforced thermoplastic, made by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Composite). The seat frame was molded by Rapiit and commercialized by Toyota Boshoku. The seat frame was also on display at the booths of both Toyota Boshoku and the Mitsubishi Chemical Group.

  GMT is a composite, sheet-like material made of PP reinforced with long glass fiber isotropic mats, having properties such as low specific gravity, high strength and rigidity in low temperatures, and high moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and durability. The material is also recyclable.

  The company also exhibited a uni-body wheel made of CFRTP.

  *PP: polypropylene, CFRTP: continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic


Dai Nippon Printing: Interior decorative film

Interior decoration film

  Dai Nippon Printing introduced interior decorative film for film insert molding (FIM), a form of decorative molding. The product is made of ABS resin.

  The company also exhibited products such as ultra-weatherable hard coat resin (PC) glass, electronic shade photo glass (PC, the view can be changed via electronic control), and adhesive films.

 *ABS resin: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer resin


Victrex: PEEK gears and a urea water diffuser

PEEK gears

  Gears made of PEEK polymers have high material strength and toughness and resistance to friction and wear, and was one of the products that Victrex wanted to showcase at the exhibition.

  Victrex is the leading global supplier of PEEK polymer solution and exhibited numurous molded products for automotive applications.

PEEK urea water diffuser

  The PEEK urea water diffuser is a component used in a urea selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system to purify nitrogen oxide (NOx) found in diesel engine emissions. This is one application that makes use of PEEK’s superior urea water resistance.

  *PEEK: polyether ether ketone


PEEK gears PEEK Urea water diffuser


Fuji Electronics Industries: Electronic components made using insert molding

Hoop insert molding for automotive applications

  Automotive hoop insert molding is a method of insert molding that supplies metal components pressed into belt-like shape (hoops) into an injection mold using an automated hoop feeding system, where the hoop is then insert molded. Fuji Electronics Industries has established an integrated production line from the pre-mold forming stage to the cutting of individual product pieces. The company manufactures automotive components such as atmospheric pressure sensors.

Welding electronic components to insert terminals

  Fuji Electronics Industries has succeeded in slimming down the size of electronic components by welding electronic components such as integrated circuits and condensers to insert terminals. Fuji Electronics Industries’ booth featured numerous examples of insert-molded electronic components. The plastic used the products displayed was primarily PPS, which boasts superior performance such as electrical characteristics and heat resistance.

  *PPS: Polyphenylene sulfide

車載用フープインサート成形 インサート端子への電子部品溶接
Hoop insert molding for automotive applications Welding electronic components to insert terminals

Interior and exterior parts: Toyota Boshoku, DaikyoNishikawa, Kasai Kogyo, Ichikoh Industries, etc.

Toyota Boshoku: High impact-resistant lightweight foam door trim

  Toyota Boshoku exhibited door trims made of high-impact plastic (PP-PA11-based alloy) that boast world-class impact resistance. The manufacturer used its foam molding technology to reduce weight by 20% compared to conventional products while maintaining the material’s high impact resistance performance.

  The Toyota Boshoku booth displayed the seats mentioned above in the section on Rapiit, as well as products such as air filters and powertrain components.

  *PP: polyphenylene, PA11: polyamide 11

高耐衝撃軽量発泡ドアトリム 高耐衝撃軽量発泡ドアトリム
High impact-resistant lightweight foam door trim Display panel: High impact-resistant lightweight foam door trim


DaikyoNishikawa: Resin lift gate concept model

Resin lift gate concept model
【Video】 Resin lift gate concept model

  DaikyoNishikawa exhibited an integrated concept model featuring a rear door with the glass made of resin. The door uses plastics to reduce weight, giving the component characteristics such as making it easier to open and close.

  The company’s development concept was based on car sharing, safety, and autonomous driving. When reserving the vehicle using a car sharing platform, or when searching for the vehicle, the world “Welcome” will be displayed allowing users to verify the location of the vehicle using their reservation number. During autonomous driving, the vehicle also displays that it is being autonomously driven, notifying other cars. As for safety, in situations such as when another vehicle is tailgating, a recent topic of public concern, the vehicle’s system will notify the driver that the tailgating vehicle is following too closely.


Eastman Chemical Japan: Saflex PVB glass interlayer

Saflex PVB glass interlayer
Display panel: Saflex color interlayer

  By sandwiching film made of PVB (polyvinyl butyral: glass interlayer) between layers of glass via heat pressure bonding, the glass demonstrates high adhesion properties even in the event of a strong impact, preventing the glass from breaking into small pieces.

  The material is also used for head-up displays, sound insulation, and reducing UV rays (thermal barrier), further increasing safety and security, and reducing weight.


Kasai Kogyo: Large-size exterior parts

Large-size exterior parts

  Kasai Kogyo has usually exhibited interior components such as door trims, but at this year’s exhibition, the manufacturer’s booth received a lot of attention for large exterior components such as front covers, rear door garnishes, and louvers. Kasai Kogyo uses lightweight, high flow grade PP (polypropylene).


Ichikoh Industries: Sensor-integrated headlights

Sensor-integrated headlight

  Ichikoh Industries unveiled in Japan its headlights integrated with side collision prevention sensors. Combining sensors necessary for autonomous driving with headlights contributes to simplifying the vehicle assembly process and increasing safety. The headlight lenses are made from PC while the housing is made from GF reinforced PP or engineering plastics such as PC/ABS.

  In addition, the company exhibited products such as door mirrors featuring a new construction, communication lighting, and thin actuators dedicated to camera monitoring systems.

  * PC: polycarbonate, GF reinforced PP: glass fiber reinforced polypropylene, ABS resin: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer resin


Pumps and valves: Aisan Industry, Buehler Motor, Schaeffler, Yamada Manufacturing

Aisan Industry: Fuel pump module

  Fuel pump modules are some of the heaviest automotive components made of POM (polyoxymethylene), taking advantage of POM’s fuel resistance and balanced mechanical characteristics. The component integrates a fuel pump with peripheral components such as pressure regulators, which helps maintain fuel pressure.

  Aisan Industry also exhibited products made of POM such as throttle bodies, canisters, and EGR valves.


Buehler Motor: Electric oil pump

  Its displays of electric oil pumps for cooling purposes featured the supplier’s lineup of (German supplier products) plastics with various degrees of cooling performance. The pump housing is made of PA (polyamide), which has excellent heat and hot oil resistance characteristics. The company also exhibited electric water pumps made of plastics with a variety of capabilities.

燃料ポンプモジュール 電動オイルポンプ
Aisan Industry: Fuel pump module Buehler Motor: Electric oil pump


Schaeffler: Smart single valve

  A smart single valve is a component that manages temperatures in the cylinder heads, engine oil, and the vehicle interior climate. The component is made of PPS (polyphenylene sulfide), which is highly resistant to heat and hot water.

  Characteristics of the valve are as follows:

  • Appropriate distribution of coolant to various components depending on temperature
  • Accurate flow control using electromechanical rotary valves and non-contact angle sensors
  • A dual cooling system using a split cooling valve for the cylinder block and engine

  The company also exhibited engine and transmission-related components.


Yamada Manufacturing: Four-way electric water valve

  The company displayed a cooling channel valve made of PPS with exceptional heat resistance and hot water resistance properties. The supplier also exhibited an electric water pumps with the housing made of PPS. As noted above, PA-based materials are often used for applications such as pumps in Europe, while PPS is more commonly used for products in Japan.

  *PPS: polyphenylene sulfide, PA: polyamide

スマートシングルバルブ 四方電動ウォーターバルブ
Schaeffler: Smart single valve
Display panel: Smart single valve
Yamada Manufacturing: Four-way electric water valve

Sensors and actuators: Denso, Furukawa Electric, Keihin, NGK Spark Plug, etc.

Denso: Communication-type drive recorder

Communication-type drive recorder

  Denso exhibited a drive recorder, which the author believes uses ABS resin for the housing due to its balanced physical properties, and transparent plastic for the lens.

  Drive recorders are gaining increased media attention due to the increase in accidents caused by elderly drivers and incidents involving aggressive tailgating behavior, making drive recorders a vital product to reviewing traffic incidents that occur when driving. Denso also exhibited various components and systems that contribute to safe driving.

  *ABS resin: acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer resin


Furukawa Electric: 24 GHz pulse type peripheral monitoring radar

  The company developed a 24 GHz band pulse-type peripheral monitoring radar for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and is the first radar in the world to feature a pulse-type method of detection, giving it high separation performance and excellent ease-of-mounting. The radar can accurately perform in a range of conditions, such as in rain or snow, and during night time driving. The housing is presumably made from engineering plastics-based materials.

24GHzパルス式周辺監視レーダ 24GHzパルス式周辺監視レーダ
24 GHz pulse type peripheral monitoring radar Display panel: 24 GHz pulse type peripheral monitoring radar


Keihin: Battery voltage sensor

  Keihin Corporation exhibited an EV battery management system (BMS) sensor. The housing is likely made of PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), which demonstrates an excellent balance between electrical and mechanical properties. Keihin Corporation’s BMS sensor is characterized by the following:

  1. Keihin Corporation used its proprietary cell voltage detection accuracy technology to expand the range of the battery's state of charge (SOC) to greatly increase EV mode range
  2. In support of EV batteries with a large number of cells, Keihin Corporation separated the convention integrated BMS unit and cell voltage sensor to reduce space.
  3. The integration of high-voltage circuits helps make the cell voltage sensor thinner to optimize the layout inside the battery pack

  Additionally, Keihin Corporation exhibited engine management and heat management systems.

電池の電圧センサー 電池制御システム
Battery voltage sensor Battery control system


NGK Spark Plug: O2 sensor

O2 sensors

  O2 sensors measure the oxygen in exhaust gas emissions. The insulation area of the sensor is made of an engineering plastics-based material, known for its heat resistance and electrical properties. NGK also exhibited a number of exhaust emissions sensors.


Mahle: VG turbocharger control actuator

  Variable geometry (VG) turbochargers control the degree of opening and closing of the variable nozzle vane found on the turbine, changing the flow of emissions and rotor revolutions. The housing is made of glass fiber-reinforced PA, which has high heat and chemical resistance properties.

  Mahle also exhibited oil pumps, various filters, and engine air intake systems.

  * GF reinforced PP: glass fiber reinforced polypropylene


Murakami: Lock actuator for charging connectors

  Murakami Corporation’s lock actuator for charging connectors is a locking mechanism that applies automobile mirror folding and adjustment technologies to prevent EV charger connectors from detaching. The mechanism securely locks the charging gun to promote safe and secure charging. The lock actuator is made of PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), known for its balanced electrical and mechanical properties.

VGターボ制御用アクチュエータ 充電コネクタ用ロックアクチェエータ
Mahle: VG turbocharger control actuator Murakami: Lock actuator for charging connectors
Display panel: Lock actuator for charging connectors


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