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ASEAN・India・Korea Honda Accord Hybrid (Thailand) 2021

Pacific Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Wheel cap center ornament
ASEAN・India・Korea Honda City (Thailand) 2021

Marui Sum (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Wheel center cap
ASEAN・India・Korea Honda Civic (Thailand) 2021

Marui Sum (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Wheel center cap
Americas Toyota Corolla (USA) 2021

Zanini USA, Inc.

Wheel cover
Americas Subaru Legacy (USA) 2020

Zanini USA, Inc.

Wheel cover
Americas Tesla Model 3 (USA) 2018


Wheel cover (Sourced by MUNRO & ASSOCIATES, USA)
China Changan Ford Ford Focus (China) 2020

Faurecia (Chongqing) Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. (Formerly Chongqing Faurecia Changpeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.)

China SAIC GM Buick Excelle GT (FF) (China) 2019

Wuhan Hesheng Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.

Wheel cover
China Beijing Hyundai Hyundai Verna (China) 2017

Cangzhou Youxin Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Wheel Cover(1.4L)(6MT)
Europe DS Automobiles DS DS 3 Crossback (France) 2021


Wheel cover
Europe Magyar Suzuki Suzuki Escudo (Hungary) 2021

Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd.

Wheel cap center ornament
Europe Magyar Suzuki Suzuki SX4 S-Cross (Hungary) 2021

Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd.

Wheel cap center ornament
Japan Daihatsu Altis Hybrid 2021

Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd.

Wheel cap center ornament
Japan Daihatsu Atrai Wagon 2021

Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd.

Wheel cap center ornament
Japan Daihatsu Boon 2021

Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd.

Wheel cap
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CIE Automotive, S.A. Alameda Mazarredo 69, 8, 48009 Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain Major Parts Suppliers image
Dongfeng Motor Parts And Components Group Co., Ltd. No.9, West Checheng Road, Shiyan City, Hubei, China Major Parts Suppliers image
FALTEC Co., Ltd. 580, Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 212-0013, Japan Major Parts Suppliers image
Flex-N-Gate Corporation 1306 East University Ave. Urbana, IL 61802, USA Major Parts Suppliers image
Guardian Industries Corporation 2300 Harmon Road, Auburn Hills, Michigan, 48326-1714, USA Major Parts Suppliers image
Oct 23, 2021

On October 20, Navistar announced significant updates to the International A26 engine, now allowing fleets to achieve 10% improved fuel economy since the engine's initial launch.
The previous updates contributing to the 6% fuel efficiency improvement include more optimized engine and transmission calibrations mated with the Eaton Endurant automated manual transmission, a direct drive 2.15 ratio, and aerodynamic improvements to wheel coverings on drive axle wheels and the chassis.
The latest engine enhancements to the 13-liter A26 (2021 GHG) engine that provide an additional 4% fuel economy benefit are achieved through engine design and system updates, including:
Combustion enhancements, optimized engine temperature control, air management system updates, and reduced engine speed without compromising power.
Built from the proven MAN D26 engine crankcase, this latest version of the International A26 produces up to 515 hp and 1,850 lb-ft of torque.
The A26 engine is available for order in the International LT Series of long-haul vehicles, RH Series of regional haul vehicles, the HX Series for heavy-haul and various construction applications and the HV Series for select vocational applications.

(Navistar press release on October 20, 2021)

May 25, 2021

Tokai Rika Co., Ltd. (Tokai Rika) announced that it will integrate two of its subsidiaries, NSK Co., Ltd. (NSK) and Ena Tokai Rika Co., Ltd. (Ena Tokai Rika), to establish a new company. NSK manufactures and sells power window switches and heater control switches, and Ena Tokai Rika manufactures and sells door mirrors and wheel caps. The new company, planned to be established on July 1, 2021, will be called Tokai Rika NExT. Ena Tokai Rika, which has strength in plastic molding and painting, and NSK, which has strength in assembly using automated machines, will be merged to realize integrated manufacturing of products with decorative features. By integrating the subsidiaries, Tokai Rika intends to improve profitability, speed up response to customer needs, and enhance the competitiveness of the entire group. (From a press release dated May 25, 2021)

Mar 27, 2021

Minda Industries, flagship company of UNO Minda Group, announced that one of its key subsidiary, Minda Kosei Aluminum Wheel Private Limited will be expanding its four-wheeler alloy wheel capacity by 60,000 wheels/month at its plant in Bawal, Haryana, to cater to the increased demand. The additional capital expenditure for the aforesaid capacity expansion will be INR 1,670 million. The expanded facilities are expected to commence operations by quarter ending March 2022 and expected to stabilize by June 2022. (From a press release on March 27, 2021)