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ASEAN・India・Korea Hyundai Genesis G70 (Korea) 2022

Garrett Motion Inc. (Formerly Honeywell International Inc.)

ASEAN・India・Korea Hyundai Genesis G80 (Korea) 2022


ASEAN・India・Korea Hyundai Genesis GV80 (Korea) 2022


Americas Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat (Canada) 2023

IHI Turbo America

Supercharger(6.2L V8)(8AT)
Americas Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye (Canada) 2023

IHI Turbo America

Supercharger(6.2L V8)(8AT)
Americas Honda Accord (USA) 2023

IHI Turbo America

Turbocharger(1.5L I4)(CVT)
China FAW-Volkswagen Audi Q3 35 TFSI (FF) (China) 2023

Continental Automotive Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

China FAW-Volkswagen Audi Q3 40 TFSI RS (FF) (China) 2023

Continental Automotive Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

China FAW-Volkswagen Audi Q3 Sportback 35 TFSI (FF) (China) 2023

Changchun Fawer-IHI Turbo Co., Ltd.

Europe Dodge Hornet (Italy) 2023

BorgWarner Inc.

Europe Abarth F595 (Poland) 2022

Garrett Motion Inc. (Formerly Honeywell International Inc.)

Europe Bentley Flying Spur (UK) 2022

IHI Charging Systems International GmbH (ICSI)

Japan Daihatsu Wake 2022

IHI Corporation

Japan Hino Dutro Cargo 2022

Garrett Motion Inc. (Formerly Honeywell International Inc.)

Japan Mazda Flair Crossover 2022

IHI Corporation

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Eaton Corporation plc 1000 Eaton Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio, 44122 USA Major Parts Suppliers image
Ogura Clutch Co., Ltd. 2-678 Aioi-cho, Kiryu-shi, Gunma-ken, 376-0011 Japan Major Parts Suppliers image
Valeo Group 100 rue de Courcelles, 75017 Paris, France Major Parts Suppliers image
Zhejiang Vie Science & Technology Co., Ltd. No. 3, Junlian Road, Industrial Zone, Diankou Town, Zhuji, Zhejiang 311835, China Major Parts Suppliers image
Aeristech Ltd. Unit 4, Hermes Court, Hermes Close, Warwick CV34 6NJ, UK image
Mar 21, 2023

On March 14, Tesla's Policy and Business Development Lead for California, Jennifer Cohen, notified the California Clean Energy Commission (CEC) that it will not be accepting the USD 6.4 million that was being made available to the EV company because of how its present Superchargers are formatted for payments.
“Unfortunately, due to unnecessarily cumbersome payment infrastructure requirements, we are unable to utilize this award," said Cohen.
Tesla was set to build four new Supercharger stations in California, collectively housing 420 individual stalls.
One of these would have been the world's largest at 164 stalls, and each of the four projects would have availed Tesla of USD 1.6 million from the CEC for the USD 6.4 million total.
Since the CEC's requirements includes that publicly funded chargers must have "multiple point-of-sale methods," including credit and debit cards, as well as payment via mobile apps, Tesla chose to not accept the funding.
The CEC also required 50% of the charge points to have CCS connectors, but Tesla already has a solution for that with its Magic Dock CCS adapter that it started to deploy at Supercharger stations to support non-Tesla electric vehicles.
Tesla will still build and deploy the foresaid Superchargers, which will be open to non-Tesla EVS, just without government funding.
(multiple sources on March 14, 2023)

Mar 18, 2023

On March 15, Tesla shared details about Gigafactory New York and its Prefabricated Supercharger Units (PSUs) in a series of tweets.
The company’s plant in Buffalo, New York produces the next generation Superchargers and Semi chargers with a 2,000-person team.
Tesla said that over half of the more than 40,000 Superchargers that have been built across the globe so far have been produced at Gigafactory New York.
Tesla highlighted how its recent work on Prefabricated Supercharger Units (PSUs) had made a notable difference in the installation of its charging network, with buildouts now only taking days, not weeks.
With the Supercharger Network now being opened to non-Tesla vehicles, the need for more Supercharger installations has never been greater.
Tesla also mentioned that Gigafactory New York is currently producing Supercharger V4 units, the company’s next-generation rapid chargers.
The plant is also producing Megachargers, which are used for the Tesla Semi electric Class 8 truck with a 500-mile range.
During Investor Day 2023, Rebecca Tinucci—Tesla’s head of charging infrastructure—noted that “We are pre-building four post Supercharger units at Gigafactory New York”.
“We load them on a truck, we truck them to side, then we crane them into position,” Tinucci said, adding that the pre-built strategy saves the company 15% on Supercharger deployment costs.

(Tesla tweets and other sources on March 15, 2023)

Mar 09, 2023

On March 7, French company Gireve announced that Tesla is now fully integrated with Gireve to launch its roaming activities in Europe. By joining Gireve, Tesla provides the possibility for EV drivers of its roaming partner to access its Superchargers by signing roaming agreements on Gireve’s Connect Place.
Thanks to this integration, Chargemap can offer its users seamless access to Tesla’s Superchargers via its app. Gireve’s Connect Place has been designed to facilitate EV charging roaming in Europe and globally. This is thanks to its user-friendly interface and constant and relentless customer support.

Based on Gireve press release