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ASEAN・India・Korea Ford Ranger (Thailand) 2022

SHIN-EI High Tech Co., Ltd.

Steering tube (via JTEKT (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)
ASEAN・India・Korea Honda CR-V (Thailand) 2022

SHIN-EI High Tech Co., Ltd.

Steering tube (via Hitachi Astemo Chonburi Auto Part Ltd.)
ASEAN・India・Korea Honda CR-V (Thailand) 2022

Yamada Somboon Co., Ltd.

Steering column
Americas GM Chevrolet Silverado EV (USA)   2023

Nexteer Automotive Group Ltd.

Steering column
Americas Jeep Compass (Mexico) 2023

ZF Active Safety And Electronics US LLC (Formerly TRW Automotive)

Steering column
Americas Mazda Mazda3 Sedan (Mexico) 2023

Autoliv Steering Wheels Mexico S. de R.L de CV

Steering wheel boss
China Great Wall Tank Tank 800 (China)   2023

Nexteer Lingyun Driveline (Zhuozhou) Co., Ltd.

Steering column
China BMW Brilliance BMW iX3 (RR) (China) 2022

Hirschvogel Automotive Components (Pinghu) Co., Ltd.

Intermediate shaft
China Changan Avatr 11 (4WD) (China)   2022

Chongqing Nexteer Steering Systems, Co., Ltd.

Steering column
Europe Renault Zoe (France) 2023

NSK Ltd.

Electric steering column
Europe Audi A6 (Germany) 2022

Cultraro Automazione Engineering S.r.l.

Steering column lever damper
Europe Audi A6 (Germany) 2022

Leopold Kostal GmbH & Co. KG

Steering column module
Japan Daihatsu Tanto 2023

JTEKT Corporation

Steering column
Japan Daihatsu Tanto Custom 2023

JTEKT Corporation

Steering column
Japan Mazda Carol   2023

JTEKT Corporation

Steering column
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Aisin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. 6th floor, Oriental Pearl Triump Center, No.1522, Kaixuan Rd., Changning District, Shanghai 200052, China Major Parts Suppliers image
Aisin Corporation (Formerly Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.) 2-1 Asahi-machi, Kariya, Aichi 448-8650, Japan Major Parts Suppliers image
Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. 13/F, Beijing Automotive Building, No.25 Dongsanhuan South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China Major Parts Suppliers image
Bosch [Robert Bosch LLC] 38000 Hills Tech Drive, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48331 USA Major Parts Suppliers image
Bosch (China) Investment Ltd. 333 Fuquan Road North, Changning District Shanghai, 200335, China Major Parts Suppliers image
Mar 09, 2023

On March 8, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that it has opened an investigation into 120,000 2023 Tesla Model Ys after getting two complaints that the steering wheels can come off while being driven.
NHTSA says in both cases the Model Ys were delivered to customers with a missing bolt that holds the wheel to the steering column.
A friction fit held the steering wheels on, but they separated when force was exerted while being driven, with both SUVs having low mileage on them.
In one complaint filed with NHTSA, the owner said he was driving with his family on Route 1 in Woodbridge, New Jersey, when the steering wheel suddenly came off on January 29, five days after purchasing the vehicle.
The owner wrote that there were no cars behind him, and he was able to pull toward the road divider before posting a video to Twitter of his detached steering wheel and his white Tesla being towed.
A Tesla service center gave the owner a cost estimate of USD 103.96 to repair the problem, but later removed the charge and apologized when the owner posted that he had lost faith in Tesla.
The owner was given the option of keeping the car or getting it replaced with a new one, according to his Twitter post, and chose to accept a new car.

(Detroit News article on March 8, 2023)

Mar 08, 2023

On March 7, GM announced that Ultra Cruise, the company’s next-gen advanced driver assistance system designed to ultimately enable hands-free driving in 95% of all driving scenarios, will have a 360-degree view of the vehicle when it launches on the Cadillac Celestiq.
Ultra Cruise uses cameras, short- and long-range radars, LiDAR behind the windshield, an all-new computing system and a driver attention system to monitor the driver’s head position and/or eyes in relation to the road.
GM is developing Ultra Cruise software in-house with a team of skilled software engineers as well as suppliers who are experts in their areas to power systems including:
Driver attention system: A small camera, located on the top of the steering column, uses infrared light to monitor the driver’s head position and/or eyes to ensure driver attention
Compute platform: Featuring system-on-chips (SoCs) developed by Qualcomm Technologies
Long-range cameras: Seven, eight-megapixel cameras located on the front, corners, back and sides of the vehicle
Short-range radars: Placed on the four corners of the vehicle to help sense a radius of up to 90 meters
Long-range radars: Three 4D long-range radars on the front and back allow for Adaptive Cruise Control speeds, lane change maneuvers and sensing safe stopping distances
LiDAR: Located behind the windshield, helps produce an accurate three-dimensional view of the scene, enabling precise detection of vehicles and lane markings, even in inclement weather.

(GM press release on March 7, 2023)

Feb 21, 2023

On February 15, Sandhar Technologies Limited updated about the new products developed- compatible with both electric and non-electric vehicles. The company developed an electronic steering column lock, ambient air pressure sensor e-PCV, rollover valve, USB Charger, mobile holder with charger, Off/ Lock indication for key, foldable key, vehicle location and security system (VLSS), detent foldable mirror, mirror with turn indicator, 4 in 1 lock, shutter lock, keyless smart lock,  and seat latch actuator.
Further, it also updated the expected timeline of upcoming EV-specific products (power train). It included the motor controller (1KW, 2KW, 4KW) which is In- the process of performance validation, and of which the product validation and iCAT approval are expected from March 2023 to April 2023. The DC-DC converter Isolated/Non-Isolated (10A, 15A, 20A) of which the product validation is in process and approvals are expected with similar timelines as the motor controller. Its also working on an EV Charger (750 W, 1.0 KW, 1.5 KW) of which it expects to achieve proto readiness by July 2023. It also explores other equivalent technology for the cost-effectiveness of the hub motor and mid-drive motor. The company is rethinking the design requirement of the battery management system  (BMS) to address the issue of EV catching power.

Based on Sandhar Technologies Limited Investor presentation 9M and Q3 FY-2022-23