Lane Keeping Assist System

Oct 14, 2021

On October 13, 2021, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. unveiled the new Honda SENSING 360 omnidirectional safety and driver-assistive system. Further evolved from the previous system, Honda SENSING 360 features an expanded sensing range not only in the front and rear, but omnidirectionally around the vehicle.
Application of Honda SENSING 360 will begin in 2022 with automobile product introduced in the Chinese market. Honda will strive to expand the application to all models to go on sale in all major markets by 2030.
Honda SENSING 360 realized 360-degree sensing by adding a total of five units of millimeter-wave radar in front and at each corner of the vehicle, in addition to the monocular camera which is used by the current Honda SENSING. This expanded sensing range covers blind spots around the vehicle which are difficult for the driver to visually check and contributes to the avoidance of collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians as well as a reduction of the driver burden related to driving. For the development, Honda leveraged its knowledge and know-how amassed through the research and development of Level 3 automated driving technologies.
As for key features, Honda SENSING 360 is equipped with the Advanced Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS). The CMBS for Honda SENSING 360 has a broader range of detection that is expanded from in front of the vehicle to include all directions around the vehicle. This enables the system to assist the driver in the avoidance and mitigation of a collision with another vehicle or pedestrian entering an intersection at the same time from different directions.
When the vehicle is driving at a low speed or starting from a stop at an intersection on a surface street, the Front Cross Traffic Warning system notifies the driver of information about vehicles approaching to cross the intersection from the sides and front. When making a lane change, the Lane Change Collision Mitigation system assists the avoidance of a collision with a vehicle in the adjacent lane approaching from behind.
Additionally, while driving with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow and the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) activated and when certain conditions are satisfied on an expressway, when the driver puts on the turn signal, the Active Lane Change Assist system assists with steering for the lane change. While cornering on an expressway with ACC engaged, the Cornering Speed Assist system properly adjusts vehicle speed.
Honda is striving for zero traffic collision fatalities involving Honda motorcycles and automobiles globally by 2050.

(Honda press release on October 14, 2021)

Oct 08, 2021

On October 7, Mercedes-Benz rolled out the all-new S-Class from the assembly lines of its state-of-art production facility in Chakan, Pune. The S-Class production involves the use of the latest technology and innovations, including robots, various AR/VR based training modules.
It is available in two variants S-Class 350 d and 450 4MATIC. S 350 d 4MATIC has 2,925 cc OM 656, In-line 6-cylinder engine generating 210 kW power at 3,600-4,200 rpm and 600 Nm torque at 1,200-3,200 rpm. S 450 4MATIC has 2,999 cc M256, In-line 6-cylinder engine generating 270 kW power at 5,500-6,100 rpm and 500 Nm torque at 1,600-4,500 rpm.
NTG7 MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) debuts in the new S-Class. It sets a new standard as the interface between the driver, passengers, and the vehicle, with five screens on board. The computing power of MBUX has increased by 50% compared to the system in the earlier generation. The all-new portrait OLED head unit now provides a 64% larger screen area in high resolution.  
It has sophisticated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as Active Brake Assist, Pre-Safe Plus, Pre-Safe Impulse Side, Active Parking Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist.
The price starts from INR 15.7 million.
Based on Mercedes-Benz press release

Oct 08, 2021

On October 6, LG Electronics (LG) announced that its innovative Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) camera module is available in the new 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class now rolling out in markets around the world. LGs sophisticated ADAS supports a variety of essential safety-oriented functions including Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR), Intelligent Head-Light Control (IHC) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) to not only ensure the safety of the vehicles occupants but other motorists and pedestrians as well. A number of features supported by LGs ADAS system such as AEB and LDW will be mandatory for new vehicles in many countries by 2022.
Advanced AI and deep learning, both key to LG’s business strategy, enable the camera to collect and process various traffic information to help drivers respond to road and traffic conditions in real-time. The system accurately recognizes surrounding environments, constantly analysing the vehicles position relative to both moving and stationary objects and automatically applies the brakes if a collision is imminent. Data from the camera also enables the system to alert drivers if they inadvertently stray into the next lane or get too close to the vehicle in front.

LG Electronics press release