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ASEAN・India・Korea Honda Accord (Thailand) 2022

MAHLE Behr Thermal Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Formerly Keihin Thermal Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)

Heater core
ASEAN・India・Korea Honda Accord Hybrid (Thailand) 2022

MAHLE Behr Thermal Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Formerly Keihin Thermal Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)

Heater core
ASEAN・India・Korea Honda City (Thailand) 2022

MAHLE Behr Thermal Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Formerly Keihin Thermal Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)

Heater core
Americas BMW XM (USA) 2023

IGB Automotive Indjija

Door panel heat element
Americas Ford F-Series Super Duty (USA) 2023

Kurabe America Corporation

Heating element for steering wheel
Americas GM Chevrolet Bolt EUV (USA) 2023

MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems America, L.P.

Coolant heater
China Polestar Polestar 3 (4WD) (China)   2024

Lear Corporation

Seat heater
China BMW Brilliance BMW iX3 (RR) (China) 2022

Gentherm Automotive Systems (China) Ltd.

Seat heater
China Lotus Eletre (China) 2022

Webasto SE

High voltage coolant heater
Europe Mercedes-Benz EQE (Germany) 2023

Eberspächer Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG

Coolant heater
Europe Renault Zoe (France) 2023

Denso Thermal Systems S.p.A.

PTC heater
Europe BMW 3 Series (Germany) 2022

Webasto SE

Parking heater
Japan UD Trucks Quon 2023

Webasto Thermo & Comfort Japan Co., Ltd.

Parking heater
Japan Daihatsu Altis Hybrid 2022

Denso Corporation

Heater core
Japan Mitsubishi eK Wagon 2022

Marelli Corporation (Formerly Calsonic Kansei Corporation)

Heater core
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Brano Group, a.s. Opavska 1000 - 747 41 Hradec nad Moravici, Czech Republic Major Parts Suppliers image
Denso Corporation 1-1, Showa-cho, Kariya, Aichi 448-8661, Japan Major Parts Suppliers image
Eberspächer Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG Eberspächerstraße 24, 73730 Esslingen, Germany Major Parts Suppliers image
FAWER Automotive Parts Limited Company No.701 Xuehai Street, Gaoxin District, Changchun, Jilin 130011, China Major Parts Suppliers image
Guizhou Guihang Automotive Components Co., Ltd. No.361, Pujiang Road, Xiaohe Eco & Tech Development Zone, Guiyang 550009, Guizhou, China Major Parts Suppliers image
Mar 15, 2023

On March 14, Iran Khodro Diesel announced the start of a new pre-sale series of two products, the Foton H4 towing truck and the Foton H5 automatic towing truck. The automatic photon tow truck with a 44-ton towing capacity is equipped with a 12-liter Cummins engine with a ZF gearbox.
Among other features of this product are an electric sunroof, cruise control, in-place cooler and heater, electric side mirrors equipped with heaters, lane departure warning system and dual circuit pneumatic disc brakes, ABS, ASR, ESP systems, and AEBS intelligent emergency braking system.

Based on Iran Khodro press release   

Mar 14, 2023

On March 8, Carbon nanomaterial developer Canatu Oy announced that it has upgraded its carbon nanotube (CNT) film manufacturing to meet the rising demand for ADAS heater products in the automotive industry.  Canatu has improved its step-and-repeat (SAR) CNT film production line by adding new reactor capacity and ramping up the level of automation. These improvements have effectively doubled production speed and increased the output of Canatu CNT film.

Based on Canatu press release

Mar 10, 2023

On March 9, Volvo Group announced the opening of the new CampX Lyon in France. CampX by Volvo Group is a global concept designed to accelerate new technology and business innovations for sustainable mobility by partnering with startup companies. Volvo Group now has four innovation hubs located across three continents – France, Sweden, India, and the USA. The new hub is located at the heart of Renault Trucks' headquarters in Lyon.
Under the CampX concept, startups with promising technologies for electric and autonomous vehicles and digital solutions are invited to collaborate with Volvo’s chief engineers and business experts. CampX Lyon will focus mainly on decarbonization, urban logistics, and uptime services. With seven partnership agreements signed already, CampX Lyon is on its way to validating and bringing innovations to market through collaborations with startups. CampX Lyon features 400 square meters of facilities suitable for collaboration, including a creativity room, social area, mini-amphitheater, and workstations.

Based on press release from Renault Trucks/ Volvo Group