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ASEAN・India・Korea Honda Accord (Thailand) 2021

Bestex (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Fuel filler pipe
ASEAN・India・Korea Honda Accord (Thailand) 2021

Y-TEC Co., Ltd.

Filler neck hose
ASEAN・India・Korea Honda Accord Hybrid (Thailand) 2021

Bestex (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Fuel filler pipe
Americas GM Chevrolet Blazer (Mexico) 2019

Martinrea International Inc.

Fuel filler pipe
Americas GM Chevrolet Silverado (USA) 2019

Martinrea International Inc.

Fuel filler system
Americas BMW X3 (USA) 2017

TI Fluid Systems plc. (Formerly TI Automotive Limited)

Plastic filler pipe
China Dongfeng Automobile VOYAH FREE PHEV (FF) (China) 2021

Guangxi Nanxing Technology Co., Ltd.

Fuel filler pipe
China Dongfeng Honda Honda Civic (China) 2018

Wuhan Moriroku Technology Co., Ltd.

Fuel filler lid
China Dongfeng Honda Honda Gienia (China) 2018

Wuhan Moriroku Technology Co., Ltd.

Fuel filler lid
Europe Daimler Mercedes-Benz CLA (Hungary) 2021

Dr. Schneider GmbH

Fuel filler module
Europe Fiat Doblo (Turkey) 2020

Farplas Otomotiv A.Ş. (Farplas Automotive Inc.)
(Formerly Farplas Otomotiv Yedek Parcalari Imalati Iharacati A.Ş.)

Fuel filler door assembly
Europe Ford Transit (Turkey) 2020

Farplas Otomotiv A.Ş. (Farplas Automotive Inc.)
(Formerly Farplas Otomotiv Yedek Parcalari Imalati Iharacati A.Ş.)

Fuel filler door assembly
Japan Daihatsu Altis Hybrid 2021

FTS Co., Ltd.

Fuel lid
Japan Mazda Bongo Brawny Van 2021

FTS Co., Ltd.

Iron fuel filler pipe
Japan Mazda Familia Van 2021

FTS Co., Ltd.

Fuel lid
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ABC Technologies Inc. (Formerly ABC Group, Inc.) 2 Norelco Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9L 2X6 Major Parts Suppliers image
Akwel Cadillac Usa Inc 603 West 7th Street, Cadillac, MI 49601, USA Major Parts Suppliers image
Alfmeier Praezision SE Industriestrasse 5, 91757 Treuchtlingen, Germany Major Parts Suppliers image
PT. Astra Otoparts Tbk Jl. Raya Pegangsaan Dua Km. 2,2, Kelapa Gading - Jakarta 14250, Indonesia Major Parts Suppliers image
Brano Group, a.s. Opavska 1000 - 747 41 Hradec nad Moravici, Czech Republic Major Parts Suppliers image
Jul 02, 2021

On June 25, EU's scientific research initiative Graphene Flagship announced that Project G+BOARD will produce an integrated copper-free automotive dashboard for cars, consisting of an upper instrument panel and a steering wheel. The dashboard will feature conductive patterns, sensors and devices based on multi-functional graphene or reduced graphene oxide.
The G+BOARD project will replace the copper wiring and buttons currently used in car dashboards, reducing the number of production steps and lowering vehicle weight, whilst also improving aesthetics and recyclability.
The multi-functional properties of graphene and layered materials will be used to selectively modify the electrical conductivity of the dashboard polymer material.
G+BOARD intends to produce complex electrical systems, processed by laser writing inside polymer-based materials. The novel laser writing technology will enable multifunctional components that are fully recyclable, constructed entirely from thermoplastic resin with a small amount of carbonaceous filler.
The G+BOARD Project aims to upgrade Fiat-Chrysler’s dashboard, to improve automotive functionality, reduce production costs for manufacturers and decrease fuel consumption.

The Graphene Flagship press release   

Nov 11, 2019

On November 8, Isuzu informed that Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) and Isuzu Motors South Africa have joined forces in a Black Supplier Development program with Algoa Components Manufacturers (ACM).
When the Port Elizabeth-based, black-owned supplier of fuel fillers, side impact beams and instrument panel carriers reported concerns about the future sustainability of its business, the two original equipment manufacturers (OEM) intervened.
TSAM and Isuzu have partnered with Propella, a Port Elizabeth-based business hub, to offer skills transfer and mentoring support to ACM.
The mentoring process is well underway in a bid to improve ACM’s production capacity as well as its future business sustainability. TSAM and Isuzu have committed to assist ACM in the overall improvement and optimisation of product process flows, plant layout, space utilisation and the determination of material and manning standards – all in support of creating a more efficient production system.
Senior Manager of Enterprise and Supplier Development at TSAM, Kim Nisbet adds that in order for the local automotive industry to comply with the South African Automotive Masterplan (SAAM), local content needs to be increased from just under 40% to 60% over the next few years, and small and medium black-owned businesses must be brought into the supply chain to help the country succeed in transformation. Toyota’s strategy to support SAAM is clear and developing black-owned business suppliers is a priority.
During the course of the past 6 months, ACM has shown very good progress in terms of process improvement, efficiency levels and have further plans to improve. Toyota and Isuzu have committed to continue their support into 2020 and aim to conclude the Kyōdō initiative as early as the first quarter in 2020.
Isuzu press release

Aug 28, 2019

In its annual report for FY 2018-19, Jay Bharat Maruti informed that it has imported and absorbed the Japanese technology for production of rear axle and fuel neck filler for new models of Maruti Suzuki. Welding and assembly process designing, line layout is finalized by JBML under guidance of Yorozu Corporation, Japan and Keylex Corporation respectively.
To meet the stringent quality requisites for rear axles in new models, company has introduced defect monitoring and analysis system at - “pre dispatch inspection stage “, at the end of the line. It has also introduced 3D - scanner with scanning software “Polyworks“ along with “coordinate measurement machine, Faro - arm“, It will help to calibrate the actual parts and tools shape and geometry, with respective 3D CAD data.

Jay Bharat Maruti annual report for FY 2018-19