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ASEAN・India Honda BR-V (Thailand) 2018 IT Forging (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Crankshaft
ASEAN・India Honda Brio (Thailand) 2018 IT Forging (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Crankshaft
ASEAN・India Honda Brio Amaze (Thailand) 2018 IT Forging (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Crankshaft
Americas Ford F53 (USA) 2018 SKF USA Inc. Rear crankshaft seal
Americas Ford F59 (USA) 2018 SKF USA Inc. Rear crankshaft seal
Americas Chrysler Pacifica (USA) 2017 Metaldyne Performance Group Inc. Balance shaft assembly
China GAC Toyota Toyota Levin (FF) (China) 2019 Suzhou Ishikawa Iron Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Balance shaft(1.2T)(8CVT)
China Tianjin FAW Toyota Toyota Corolla (FF) (China) 2019 Suzhou Ishikawa Iron Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Balance shaft(1.2T)(6MT)
China Tianjin FAW Toyota Toyota Corolla (FF) (China) 2019 Suzhou Ishikawa Iron Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Balance shaft(1.2T)(CVT)
Europe Audi A6 (Germany) 2018 Bharat Forge Ltd. Crankshaft
Europe Nissan Micra (France) 2018 Freudenberg & Co. KG Crankshaft seal
Europe BMW M5 (Germany) 2017 Hirschvogel Automotive Group (Hirschvogel Holding GmbH) Balance shaft
Japan Toyota Lexus ES (Japan) 2018 Aisin Seiki (Foshan) Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. Crankshaft
Japan Toyota Lexus ES (Japan) 2018 GAC Toyota Engine Co., Ltd. Crankshaft
Japan Daihatsu Atrai Wagon 2016 Daihatsu Crankshaft timing pulley
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Aichi Machine Industry Co., Ltd. 2-12 Kawanami-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 456-8601, Japan Major Parts Suppliers image
Aichi Steel Corporation 1 Wanowari, Arao-machi, Tokai-shi, Aichi-ken, 476-8666, Japan Major Parts Suppliers image
Amalgamations Group 861/862, Anna Salai, Chennai- 600 002, Tamil Nadu, India Major Parts Suppliers image
American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc. One Dauch Drive, Detroit, MI 48211-1198, USA Major Parts Suppliers image
PT. Astra Otoparts Tbk Jl. Raya Pegangsaan Dua Km. 2,2, Kelapa Gading - Jakarta 14250, Indonesia Major Parts Suppliers image
Apr 01, 2019

U.S.-based diesel engine manufacturer Cummins is in talks with suppliers from Brazil, India and China to bring more manufacturing operations to Mexico to meet the new regional content criteria of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade agreement. Cummins revealed to local media that those three countries supply the majority of components that come from outside the North American region. The company also says that although Canada and the U.S. seek to attract these new investments, Mexico is the most viable option. Cummins imports machined forgings, crankshafts, castings, cylinders, and other parts into Mexico from Brazil, while components imported from China and India include steering wheel covers, pistons and rings, among others. (Mexico-Now article on April 1, 2019)

Mar 13, 2019

Hirschvogel informed that the combustion engine will be retained in the majority of passenger cars in the medium term. This means that additional efficiency-increasing measures for reducing CO2 emissions will be effective. Such measures may involve a wide variety of developments reducing friction by replacing sliding bearings with anti-friction bearings in fuel injection systems (diesel pump camshaft) and engines (balancer shafts, crankshaft) and increase in injection pressures in gasoline and diesel engines. It will also be achieved by wider use of variable valve train assemblies on the inlet and outlet side, variable compression systems and steel pistons in diesel engines for increasing ignition pressures. (From a press release on March 13, 2019)

Mar 09, 2019

On March 6, Achates Power was awarded USD 2 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) for the development of a Highly-efficient Opposed-Piston Engine (HOPE) for Hybrid Vehicles.
Achates Power has partnered with the University of Michigan and Nissan Motor Company for the project.
The HOPE project will develop a unique single-cylinder OP Engine design with the goal to minimize energy losses typical in conventional internal combustion engines.
A motor-generator integrated on each engine crankshaft provides independent control to each piston and eliminate all torque transmitted across the mechanical crankshaft connection, thus reducing engine size, mass, cost, friction, and noise.
The application of high-bandwidth power electronics will further improve engine efficiency through the real-time control of the piston motion and combustion process.
(multiple sources on March 6, 2019)