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ASEAN・India・Korea Hyundai Alcazar (India) 2021

Hanon Automotive Systems India Pvt. Ltd. -Chennai

Charge air cooler
ASEAN・India・Korea Hyundai Creta (India) 2021

Hanon Automotive Systems India Pvt. Ltd. -Chennai

Charge air cooler
ASEAN・India・Korea Isuzu D-Max (Thailand) 2021

Radicon Co., Ltd.

Inter cooler
Americas Ford F-Series Super Duty (USA) 2023

Dana Incorporated (Formerly Dana Holding Corporation)

Charge air cooler
Americas Subaru Ascent (USA) 2022

Sanden International (USA), Inc.

Charge air cooler(2.4T)
Americas Subaru Outback (USA) 2022

Sanden International (USA), Inc.

Charge air cooler(2.4T)
China Changan UNI-V (China) 2022

Zhejiang Yinlun Machinery Co., Ltd.

Inter cooler
China Li Auto Li L9 (4WD) (China) 2022

Tristone Flowtech China (Suzhou) Ltd.

Inter cooler hose assembly
China Dongfeng Honda Honda CR-V Black Edition (4WD) (China) 2021

Dongfeng MAHLE Thermal Systems Co., Ltd. (Formerly Dongfeng Behr Thermal Systems Co., Ltd.)

Inter cooler(2.0L)(E-CVT)
Europe Dodge Hornet (Italy)   2023

Denso Corporation

Charge air cooler
Europe Audi Q3 (Hungary) 2022


Charge air cooler
Europe BMW 3 Series (Germany) 2022

Dana Incorporated (Formerly Dana Holding Corporation)

Water charged air cooler
Japan Honda N-ONE   2023

T.RAD Co., Ltd.

Inter cooler
Japan Honda N-WGN Custom   2023

T.RAD Co., Ltd.

Inter cooler
Japan Mazda CX-30 2023

Valeo Group

Inter cooler
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BorgWarner Inc. 3850 Hamlin Rd, Auburn Hills, Michigan, 48326, USA Major Parts Suppliers image
Dana Incorporated (Formerly Dana Holding Corporation) 3939 Technology Drive, Maumee, OH 43537, USA Major Parts Suppliers image
Denso Corporation 1-1, Showa-cho, Kariya, Aichi 448-8661, Japan Major Parts Suppliers image
Denso Group (China) Room No. 518, Beijing Fortune Building, No. 5 Dong San Huan North Road, 100004, Beijing, China. Major Parts Suppliers image
Dongfeng Motor Parts And Components Group Co., Ltd. No.9, West Checheng Road, Shiyan City, Hubei, China Major Parts Suppliers image
Mar 23, 2023

Webasto SE (Webasto) announced the launch of its new Cool Top 23 RT-E parking cooler for trucks that comes with two new brushless fans. Its necessary power comes from the vehicle’s 24-volt battery. It is able to deliver cool air while running energy-efficiently at up to 2,500 watts. An undervoltage cut-off feature also ensures the battery charge level is always sufficient. This new parking cooler, with a weight of 28 kg and a height of 16.5 cm, is controlled from the unit itself or via remote control and can run independently of the engine, drawing its power straight from the vehicle’s battery. (From a press release dated March 22, 2023)

Aug 11, 2022

On August 10, FAW Vehicle Manufacturers South Africa (Pty) Ltd (FAW SA) announced that it has recently launched JH6 33.420FT to local and export markets. The 11,040 cc Euro 2 specification six-cylinder inline engine is water-cooled, turbo-charged, and has an intercooler, producing 312 kW at 1,900 rpm and 1,900 Nm of torque at 1,200 rpm. The Bosch brand manual injection pump is made for African applications, while the gear shifting booster makes driving feel like a car.
The 12-speed manual synchromesh gearbox is matched to a set of ratios specifically designed to provide optimum performance and fuel efficiency. It has a high-roof forward tilt cab with seating for the driver and a passenger. It includes a double sleeper cab with air-conditioning, a radio with USB, and an air suspension seat for the driver with multi-dimensional adjustment ability. This completely new cab design has a wind resistance factor of 0.54.

Based on FAW Vehicle Manufacturers South Africa press release

Jun 14, 2022

On June 14, KAMAZ announced that PJSC Tutaevsky Motor Plant, a subsidiary of KAMAZ in the Yaroslavl Region, is completing the technological preparation for the production of a modernized tractor engine. Serial deliveries of these products to the customer will begin in July. The modernized engine will replace serial engines and will become the main one in deliveries to the conveyor of the St. Petersburg Tractor Plant (PTZ).
The main difference from its predecessors is the air-to-air charge air cooling system and an 813 mm fan with an electrically controlled viscous clutch. The Kirovets K-7M tractor, for which the engine is intended, has also been upgraded. It will also use a new radiator block, including an air-to-air charge air cooler. Tests of the K-7M tractor were carried out with the testing of the cooling system with different versions of the tractor lining and two types of fans. The test results showed that the new tractor cooling system provides the required thermal regime of the engine under various loads and confirms its effectiveness. Among the advantages of a modernized engine with an air-to-air system is a reduction in fuel consumption.
The technological pre-production service is doing a lot of work to prepare for the serial production of the upgraded engine. The production of new parts is mastered, and test boxes are being prepared. In parallel, work continues to improve the engine. The belt drive will be modernized, work is underway on the cast-iron head of the block.

KAMAZ press release