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Customized Research for Corporate Members

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Supporting R&D and Business Development in EV Sector

MarkLines' EV Team, which boasts of a consultant with 17 years of experience in the field of R&D on EVs, supports your R&D activities on EV vehicles and parts.

MarkLines' EV Consultant


EV R&D Support

Concept → Design → Prototype → Testing → Evaluation → Trial Production → Commercial Production
MarkLines Supports
・Purchasing Activities
・Market Research
・Competitor Analysis
・Research on Infrastructure, Regulations, Other


Major EV Parts R&D Support

Batteries, BMS, Inverters, Motors, OBCs, Other
MarkLines Supports
・Market Trend Analysis
・Target Market Decision Making
・Fundamental Specs Decision Making
・Design, Prototype, Testing Activities
・Locating of Business Partners Worldwide
Energy Flow


Electronics Technology Consulting

  • Onboard electronic devices, ECUs, printed circuit boards, semi-conductors, embedded software, etc.
    - Continually improving production processes ("kaizen" ); auditing and offering advice to suppliers
    - Strengthening and continually improving electronics design processes
    - Conducting market research and technical evaluations


    For further information and inquiries about our Customized Market Research activities, please contact Customer Support.

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